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School Lunch Idea ~ How to Keep a Sliced Apple From Turning Brown

I send apples with my kids in their lunches sometimes.
But the truth is, when I send them they rarely get eaten.
There is always some excuse as to why they didn’t eat it,
but I don’t know, maybe the cookies in the lunchbox next to them are too appealing,
or they don’t want to get it stuck in their teeth when they take a bite.

It all boils down to us, as parents, trying to help our kids make healthy choices most of the time and when the healthy choice comes home in the lunchbox untouched it is time for a new plan!

So I got creative.  I had tried slicing them for them, but they are yucky and brown by lunch, so they didn’t get touched that way either.  I got to thinking, if I could keep the air off of them while still having them sliced and easier to eat that would be great!  This works!

You will need

An apple

Apple slicer/corer

Clean rubberband

school lunch idea, keeping an apple from turning brown, #apples, #schoollunch, #schoollunchidea, #lifehacks,#packalunch, #rubberband

These apple slicers sure do make life easier, don’t they?  We use ours all the time!  (If you don’t have one, you can get them at virtually any store in the kitchen section)

Slice your apple, but before you remove the slices, carefully slide the slicer back off trying to leave it still in shape.  If it doesn’t work, just get it off as close as you can.  Now that you have the apple off the slicer, use your hands to shape it back into shape so it still looks like a whole apple.  While holding it with one hand, wrap the rubber band around with the other hand.

Now you can put it in a baggie, or just in the lunchbox like it is.  Sometimes some of the skin rips off when I do it, so you may have some small brown areas by the time it is ready to be eaten, but it sure beats a whole apple wasted because it wasn’t pretty enough!

Now at least some of the sections are being eaten.  I love to include some peanut butter or even a little caramel that they can dip the apple in.  Makes a yummy treat, but they are still eating something that is great for them too!  Try it, maybe it will lessen your lunchbox battles too!

school lunch idea, keeping an apple from turning brown, #apples, #schoollunch,#packalunch, #schoollunchidea, #lifehacks, #rubberband

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free printable license plate game, road trips, printable, license plate game, find the license plate, boredom buster, road trip games

Free printable road trip game ~ color the license plate

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Download the pdf here state plate game

We did this on our trip to the Oregon Coast and it kept my kids busy on the LONG trip, we turned it into a game for the whole family. Everyone was busy looking for plates, while int he car, walking thru parking lots and just about everywhere we went.

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Friendship bracelet, #kidscraft, #diy, #yarn, #loom, #bracelet, #diy, #friendshipbracelet

Friendship Bracelet~ Easy DIY

Friendship bracelets are always fun.  Kids of all ages love getting them, and receiving them.  My 10 year old was so excited to share this tutorial.  She recently learned how to make these easy bracelets, and loves it.

You will need:



Cardboard (lightweight: cereal boxes, 12 pack soda boxes both work great)

To begin, you are going to cut your loom out of cardboard.  make a 3 inch circle, and then cut a small hole in the middle.  (a hole punch is the perfect size if you have one that will reach into the center of your circle).  Now cut 8 small lines around the outer edge of your loom.  They don’t have to be perfectly spaced, but you don’t want them all next to each other either.  Cut them like this:

friendship bracelet, #kidcraft, #craft, #yarn, #diy, #kids, #loom, #braclet, #tutorial

Now cut 7 lengths of yarn.  Make them about 1 ft long.  Put your yarn together, put through the hole in the center of your loom, and then tie them together in a  knot on one end.

friendship bracelet, #kidscraft, #diy, #yarn, #bracelet, #kids, #loom, #makeyourself

Once you have them in a knot, slide your knot so it is touching the loom and the strings are hanging on the other side.  Make sense?  Take each string and slide them into a slot on your loom like this:

friendship bracelet, #kidscraft, #yarn, #diy, #bracelet, #kids, #fun, #craft

You want the yarn to be in firmly, but don’t pull too tight and rip your loom.

You will have one empty slot in your loom.  Put it at the top, like the 12 on a clock.  Now count down 3 slots clockwise from that empty slot, grab that length of yarn, and slide it into the empty slot at 12 o’clock.

friendship bracelet, #diy,#kids, #bracelet, #friendship, #gift, #yarn, #craft, #jewelry

Once the string in slot 3 has been moved up to the empty slot, rotate your loom so that the new empty slot is at the top.  Repeat that step by counting 3 down and moving the string to the empty spot.  Continue doing so, while occasionally checking your hanging yarn lengths to make sure they are not tangled.  Also remember to keep it tight to get a neater looking bracelet.

friendship bracelet, #diy, #bracelet, #kidscraft, #yarn, #bracelet, #friendshipbracelet

Once you have created the bracelet the length you want, remove it from the loom.  Tie a knot in the end of the bracelet that you just removed from your loom. Measure a finger width from your new knot and knot again, leaving a space in between the knots.

friendship bracelet, #diy, #bracelet, #kidscraft, #yarn, #friendshipbracelet, #loom

Trim your ends and you are done.  To put the bracelet on, take the space between the 2 knots you just made and slip the knot at the other end in between these 2 knots.

friendship bracelet, #kidscraft, #diy, #yarn, #bracelet, #friendshipbracelet, #loom, #jewelry

There you go!  An easy activity your kid can do and feel the rewards of creating something unique and fun!

friendship bracelet, #diy, #bracelet, #kidscraft, #yarn, #friendshipbracelet, #loom, #kids

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Paper Straws – Parties, Decorations, Crafts – Chevron, Polka Dot, Stripes


Paper Straws Chevron Polka dot stripe Straws Crafts party decorationPaper Straws for Parties, Crafts, Decorations – Chevron, Stripes, Polka Dot

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  • These paper straws are 100-percent biodegradable
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