Easy April Fools Prank for kids or co-workers ~ Where are the Donuts?

Easy April Fools Jokes that are family friendly! 2 I love April Fools Day, I am always up for a silly prank.  We did this one...

Nail Polish Swirl Easter Eggs ~ How to dye Easter Eggs with Nail Polish...

Nail Polish Swirl Easter Eggs. How to dye Easter Eggs with Nail Polish in a cup of water! Super easy way to dye eggs and enjoy bright and vibrant colors on your eggs!

10 Fun Lunch Box Ideas

10 Fun Lunch Box Ideas We've got a solid few months left of school and the ole pb & j isn't quite as enticing as...

3 Tips to Be Healthy and Strong

It's Katie. Swimsuit season is coming... And I have to be honest. I don't find any motivation from that. LOL. Working out has got...

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