10 reasons why we need Vitamin D #Sponsored

10 reasons why we need Vitamin D

I am excited to be a brand ambassador for Superior Source Vitamins, this is a sponsored conversation, all opinions are my own.

My husband has had muscle pain, weakness and has been tired since he was a teenager. Not long ago he was tested to figure out why he was so tired all of the time, mainly because I was tired of him being tired, lol. So after lots of test, blood work and appointments and a few years of trying to figure it out, we noticed what every time he went on his boost of Vitamin D (a huge 50,000 IU daily dose) that he would be more energetic, and his muscle pain hurt so much less then before, and was more manageable. Another thing we we noted was that he was much happier and not grumpy while he was taking his vitamin D boost. But long daily doses usually didn’t work with what the doctors planned so we started taking the daily supplements to try and maintain him after his boosts. We found success in his treatment with these daily supplements. Now it wasn’t that he wasn’t getting enough sun. If you have seen my husband you’ll know he always wears shorts and sandals. In fact in the winter if you see him with his shoes off you’ll still see his sandal tan line all through winter. He loves his Jet Ski’s, working in the yard and going camping with the Boy Scouts. So he gets the sun an average person would need for good Vitamin D processing, but for some reason his body just needs more to maintain any sort of normal level in his body. To buy vitamins that really work, we recommend to visit our this official website.

Me and my hubby Matt out Jet Skiing in 2015.


Why are we not getting enough Vitamin D

Most people do not get enough Vitamin D in their diet alone. That is why we see so many products like milk, orange juice and cheese that say “Added vitamin D”. Unlike most vitamins, Vitamin D also requires the sun to allow your body to process the vitamin D into something it can use.  And with modern technology that brings us indoors with increased office jobs and other duties or hobbies that keep us indoors more.  Or even increased use of sunblocks and clothes to block the sun, many of us aren’t even in the sun long enough to process the vitamin D that we need. Another road block that can keep our body from processing vitamin D is when we are obese or even just pregnant. Also the natural color of our skin can keep us from getting enough vitamin D processed. The darker the skin tone the harder it is to get enough. Also if you live in the far north of the US or Canada the day is shorter then farther south.

Why do we need Vitamin D

  1.  Muscle Weakness and Pain – low vitamin D level side effects can affect muscles and pain receptors
  2.  Bone diseases like rickets in children or osteomalacia, osteopenia, and osteoporosis
  3.  Depression – Vitamin D affects regulating adrenaline, noradrenaline, and dopamine production in the brain
  4. Inflammation –  Research has shown a decrease in levels of C-reactive protein in patients as Vitamin D levels rise
  5. Increased risk of Dementia and other related diseases like Alzheimer (2014 study from Journal of Neurology)
  6.  Increased risk of prostate cancer (2014 study by Clinical Cancer Research)
  7.  Increased risk of erectile dysfunction (2014 study Journal of Sexual Medicine). According to the study, men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction or other symptoms of low testosterone should not hesitate to go to an ED Clinic to receive proper treatments.
  8.   Twice as likely to develop Schizophrenia (2014 study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism)
  9. Increased risk of Heart Disease like hypertension, hyperlipidemia, peripheral vascular disease, coronary artery disease, myocardial infarction,heart failure, and stroke (American College of Cardiology)
  10. Every year there are more and more new studies that show the dramatic need for appropriate Vitamin D levels

Superiorsource vitamin d

So how do I get Vitamin D and How much do I need

Sure you could sit down on the front lawn with a couple gallons of vitamin D enhanced milk and drink it up. One thing is for sure though is including the vitamin D supplement you also need UV rays from the sun to process the vitamin into something your body can use. The daily recommended supplemental dose for most people is 600 IU/per day. So we need at least 600IU per day to sustain our daily needed levels. But since many of us fit the reasons as to why we aren’t getting enough, like overweight, stuck indoors, maybe darker skin tones or even pregnant or the location of where we live, we should be getting checked. A simple blood test by your doctor can tell us if we are low. Talk to your doctor before taking any supplement. Even all natural things have elements and naturally found chemicals in them, like herbal vitamins, that can react and even overdose on. As a nurse my husband took care of many people who were admitted to intensive care units only due to taking too many vitamins that affected their bodies or adversely affected their daily medicines they took. So always check with your doctor on the test you would like checked and the pills, no matter how all natural they may be (even aspirin comes from trees) and follow your doctors guidelines.

Why should I take Superior Source MicroLingual Vitamins 

There are so many different options out there on the market on vitamins and supplements. Sure it would be easier to have the vitamins we needed injected directly into our blood streams, but unless you are a bionic humanoid connected to daily IV’s and injections, that isn’t possible. Sure you could go ahead and down all of those vitamins we need all at once or even spread them out through out the day. But many people may at one point see those pills in their toilet at the end of the day and their blood levels never change? Why? Our gut is not the best route for many of the vitamins we take, many times our gut can not fully absorb the nutrients we need. So what would be best is find the happy medium in between being hooked directly to the vitamins to our bloodstream and passing hard pills straight through our gut only to not get fully or even partially digested. That’s where Superior Source developed the MicroLingual vitamins route. Dissolving vitamins and having them absorbed directly into the blood stream under our tongue is the quickest way out side of being a connected humanoid to get the vitamins we need with out wasting and not absorbing them through our intestinal tract.

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Vitamin A – Vitamin A is a group of compounds that support eye health and the maintenance of healthy skin, teeth, and the surface linings for the respiratory, urinary and intestinal tracts. Vitamin A also plays a vital role in the promotion of immune system health.

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Vitamin D ~ Vitamin D works in conjunction with calcium to promote the development and maintenance of strong bones and teeth. Our Vitamin D products are D3, the finest source of Vitamin D available.

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Biotin ~ Biotin helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, promotes nail and hair strength and supports cell growth, metabolism of fats and amino acids and the production of fatty acids. Biotin is essential in the healthy functioning of the “ Krebs Cycle” in which energy is released from foods and transferred to the body for use.

Vitamin K  ~Vitamin K supports normal blood clotting and the formation of prothrombin. Superior Source go to work fast, under the tongue.

superiorsource vitamin, how vitamin D changed my husband crazy mood swings


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Superior Source Brand Ambassador

I am excited to be a brand ambassador for Superior Source, this was a sponsored conversation, all opinions are my own.


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  3. Jennifer Booth

    Living in the PNW, and having fair skin plus a histamine reaction to the sun – I tested extremely low in vitamin d so a supplement is a must for me!

  4. Debi Wayland

    My doctor has told me that more people are deficient in vit D than in calcium, and she believes that’s what causes osteoporosis. I definitely take my supplements.

  5. I can relate to this as I also was diagnosed a few yrs ago with low Vitamin D & I also felt tired frequently. Definitely don’t get enough Vit D in the NW in the winter!

  6. Marissa Zurfluh

    Great information, never knew most of it. Probably a good idea to keep this around! 🙂

  7. Maggie Miller

    I have heard stories about vit D deficiencies that people only realized after blood testing. I didn’t realize it affected mood as I thought it was just to keep colds and sickness away. Good to know!

  8. Ann-Marie Baker Rohe

    I know Vitamin D is important, but I didn’t know the side effects of having levels too low. Good to know! (and my husband is crabby too).

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    Thanks for taking the time to make this video! Great info!

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    I loved the video blog so much today! I’m going to do the painting with 2 of my grandchildren Friday!

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    Good job Sarah and coach Matt. Lol! Good to see your sweet face! I’m interested in the B12 I’ll have to read on that and oh neat I’ll tune I tomorrow. Hopefully around the same time.

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    They do have a pediatric liquid form but had to stop giving it because of increased seizure activity.

  13. Stacey Dunstan Stewart

    Melatonin is great for kids on the Autism spectrum – ask your child’s doc about it!

  14. Julie Reyes

    My daughter uses melatonin every night. Really has helped her sleep pattern. Definitely a nice vitamin package.

  15. Stacey Dunstan Stewart

    I take B12 under my tongue and it was the only way to get levels up! Autoimmune disorders cause poor absorption, so going directly to the blood stream is the only way to get levels back up!!

  16. Julie Reyes

    I’ve been trying to talk hubs into taking these and all these reasons will work for my argument. Thanks!

  17. Candice Coley Henry

    My level was 20 and even the bones hurt in my forearms. My Dr did not make a big deal of it. Thank goodness I went home and figured it out and the pains went away. We really are supposed to have higher levels than doctors will tell you . It also doesn’t matter where you live it is a certain time of day and really should be upper legs and arms that get the sun. It doesn’t take much sun either. Read up on it . It is quite interesting.

  18. Julie Reyes

    I use it everyday. 25,000 units a day because my skin is darker and I don’t get enough. People
    Love u too Sarah. And maverick so cute!!

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    He is super cute! This is all good to know. As a newly stay at home mom I would love an extra boost of energy.

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    My vit d was a 6 a one point and now is better but have had to take enormous amounts to get there and no one can tell me why I have to take so much!

  21. Amy Crandall Barlow

    I have been taking vitamin D for two years to combat pneumonia. Springfield, VA

  22. Debbie Howard

    I was very vitamin d deficient and found out I had osteoporosis and fibromyalgia. I broke my leg really bad from no fall or accident and that’s how the Dr’s found out that I had a vitamin d deficiency. Vitamin d has helped me tremendously. My level was a 9.

  23. Kristy Smith

    I need to look in to this, because the winters are cold, dark, and sad in Wisconsin!

  24. A Thrifty Mom

    I call it my husbands HAPPY Pill, cause when he does not have enough he is Mr. Crabby Pants lol

  25. Amanda Carlisle

    Vitamin D can make a huge difference! Amazing how making sure we have the right vitamins can really effect our health and mood. 🙂

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    It was nothing short of a miracle the change it made in my Husband…. who knew low Vitamin D could make sure a difference!

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