10 sets of washable breast pads for FREE ~ Breastpads.com Promo Code: AThriftyMom1 ~ Breast Feeding Month

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Free Reusable Breast Pads, nursing pads from breastpads.com with promo code AThriftyMom1, #FREE, #Baby, #Nursing, #BreastPads If you plan to breast feed or know someone who is this is an AWESOME FREEBIE!  Right now Breastpads.com is offering 10 FREE pair of washable breast pads with promo code ATHRIFTYMOM1.  WIth 30 styles to pick from, these are both useful and fun. Free breast pads order

*Shipping Update ~  average for economy shipping is $13-$15 and preferred is $15-$18. But you can choose fedex for 35 or more in some areas, and a few options in between, but the average is $13-$15. 

You can pick out 5 sets (each set has 2 pair, or 4 pads).  Add 5 sets to your cart and then use promo code ATHRIFTYMOM1 and it will take $35 off your cart making them FREE just pay shipping. You just have to pay shipping which is $13- $18 for all 5 pair.That is 10 sets, so it makes them only $1.30 a pair/ set shipped right to your door. If you would like more you can order additional pairs of Breast Pads/ Nursing Pads for $2 each and pay extra $.50 for shipping per pair.Free Reusable Breast Pads from breastpads.com with promo code AThriftyMom1, #FREE, #Baby, #Nursing, #BreastPads

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  1. Brittany Ables, is this a hint you need some?!? 😉 I will order them for you!

  2. That’s too funny! I clicked over here looking for the Jamberry photos and I was looking at these so puzzled as to how you were ever going to get these round things on your FINGERS! Then I saw they were breast pads – they didn’t have fancy ones like these back in the dark ages when I had babies.

  3. Just put in my order, I’m 20 weeks pregnant with my first and had my first nipple leak the other day and figured it was time. Thanks so much for this.

  4. Pretty sure these are for breastfeeding mama’s so they don’t leak everywhere…

  5. Oh I never thought of using them for that reason. Silly me, I thought they were only for breastfeeding.

  6. Thank you!!!! I’m a milking cow over here and go through my stash of 10 pairs in 2 days. It’s ridicules!!!! This just doubled my stash. I can go 4 days now. Hahaha

  7. I use these myself and have for about 3 months and as soon as I started using them I no longer got thrush which me & baby girl had already gotten it 3 times using disposable pads. I highly recommend them.

  8. Thank you for this promo code! I am from Singaporean and happened to come across this page when i am about to purchase some reusable breast pads. It saved me some extra cash! thanks once again…

  9. Love these! I bought some when I was nursing and they were so amazing! If you have tender nipples these feel way better then the disposable ones!

  10. The hefty shipping costs are what prevents me from ever ordering from this site.

  11. Yes, you do have to pay S/H but we still think it’s a great deal since they are washable & you can reuse them. It beats having to buy disposable ones over & over again. 🙂

  12. We still think it’s a great deal since they are washable & you can reuse them. It beats having to buy disposable ones over & over again. 🙂

  13. I have these breastpads- they work so well!! I got myself 10 pairs and just wear one pair per day and wash all after a week. They held up even at 6 months in when I stopped nursing. Get them!

  14. Roxanne … you may know a few people who could benefit from this deal. 🙂

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