4th of July Fruit Skewers ~ Quick and Easy Treats for Summer

Fruit kabobs for 4th of July, recipe perfect for summer #Fruit, #Healthy, #July4th4th of July Fruit Skewers

If your family is anything like mine, the 4th of July is a big deal. It’s also an outdoors and on the move kind of day, meaning that you need snacks that are easy, portable and fun. I decided to do a spin on the kebobs that are a summer staple by using fruit and marshmallows instead of meat and veggies.

What you’ll need –

  • Skewer Sticks – I like bamboo ones because they seem to splinter less. The size depends on how much you want to load onto them but try to avoid ones that are too thick or they will split the blueberries.
  • Strawberries – obviously you want ripe ones, but be careful about getting ones that are too big, they don’t stay on the skewer as well.
  • Marshmallows (mini and regular)
  • Blueberries
  • White Chocolate (or White Candy Melt)
  • Blue Candy Melt
  • Raspberries

Fruit kabobs for 4th of July, perfect for summerInstructions –

  1. Prep all of your fruits by washing them thoroughly and patting them dry. You can take the stems off the strawberries if you want; I left them on just because I thought it looked nicer.
  2. Run a mini marshmallow down the skewer far enough to act as a stopper for everything else you’re going to put on the skewer. If you don’t start with a marshmallow, the fruits won’t stay in place very well. I started with a mini mallow so that the red, white and blue theme would be more obvious.
  3. Load the rest of the skewer with the fruits and marshmallows in the following order – raspberry, regular marshmallow, two blueberries (through the center not the side) and then the strawberry. Don’t run the skewer all the way through the strawberry – if you do, the juice will make it hard to get the candy melt to stick and it will be more likely to fall off. Make sure your strawberries are very dry or you will have trouble making the candy melt stick!
  4. Melt the white candy melt in a bowl in the microwave for 35 seconds, then stir it up and heat for another 30 seconds and stir again. You should have a nice even texture with the melt. Dip or coat the strawberry about 2/3rds of the way up then wait for it to dry. I put the skewers in upright in a piece of Styrofoam so they would not have any flat spots. Repeat on all your skewers. Allow white candy melt to harden before proceeding.
  5. Melt the blue candy melt the same as the white and repeat the process, this time only covering the last 1/3rd of the strawberry. Repeat until all skewers are complete – the tasty snack is done, you can either refrigerate if needed or serve immediately.

Fun, refreshing and really pretty simple to make once you get the hang of the candy melt. They are an eye catching and unique way to celebrate Independence Day.

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