7 Tips of Eliminating Litter Box Smell

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Our family has two cats, I LOVE my family and they all LOVE the cats, while I just “like” the cats. Since I love my family I allow these “fur balls” to live in my home.  Don’t get me wrong I am nice to them, and think they are cute and would never allow any harm to come to them.  I do however have a real issue with their hair, and the cat box being in my home.  I seem to be the only one that “smells” the litter box and I am totally paranoid that my house will smell like cats. Recently I came up with 7 Ways to Eliminating Litter Box Smell.


Here are  7 Ways to Eliminating Litter Box Smell:

1) The brand of cat litter you choose can make a world of difference.  They come in all different varieties, I have found I HATE the scented ones.  They are made to help “hide” the odor but I find I then just associate the smell  of the scented litter to a messy box even if it is clean.  So I personally prefer a scent free litter.  Plus my Mom’s vet told her that  the scented litter was causing her cat to have UTI’s (urinary tract infections) so a scent free litter might just be healthier for your cat too.

2) The brand of cat food you choose affects the smell of their urine and poop.  My husband loves to spoil his cats and buy them wet canned food, the cats LOVE it but oh my word…. it is like they pigged out at an all you can get restaurant.  As soon as the cat goes poop you can smell it throughout the whole house (yuck).   So I had to put a limit to how often the cats get wet food, due to the smell.  I also noticed that different brands of dry food make a HUGE difference in the  smell of the cats urine.  Some of them make the cats urine very STRONG…. I personally really like the Friskies brand dry food.  The cats like it, price is middle of the road and it seems to help the cats have a “mild” urine odor.

3) Scoop the box daily, or even twice a day.  As much as my kids think I am nuts, scooping the box OFTEN is huge to keeping odor down and keeping a fresh smelling box.

4) Use a box liner, we use a heavy duty black garbage bag to line the litter box.  This makes for easy changing of the litter box and also helps keep the box itself more fresh. The box is plastic and will absorb smells… so even with a liner I suggest to get a whole new box once a year.

5) Baking soda, can help cut down on odors.  I like to sprinkle it on top after scooping the box.

6) Change the litter at least once a week, with two cats at least twice a week.  Yes this is on top of scooping daily.  I know some people will put a lot of litter in and only change it every few weeks.  But I prefer to use less litter (about 2-3 inches deep) and change it more often.

7) Put the box in a well vented area.  An ideal room is one with a vent fan and a window that you can open to the outdoor.  Fresh air is your friend when…. after all most of us want a well vented bathroom.  Having your cats “bathroom” in a well vented area is ideal as well.

Bonus tip: to get the cat hair off the furniture I really like the Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair, Empty and Reuse.

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29 thoughts on “7 Tips of Eliminating Litter Box Smell”

  1. TheDecentMom

    Sarah I really like your article and recently wrote one very similar so I linked to your article.  I hope it’ll direct a few more people your way.  You can find it at http://thedecentmom.com/5-reasons-litter-box-smells/ if you are interested.

  2. On eliminating cat odor…
    When we moved into a tiny condo with our (then) three cats, I knew that I would have to deal effectively with litter odors.  Here is what has worked for us: 

    First, get a box with a cover!  I bought a large one, knowing our small space would only accommodate one box. You will realize how much of a difference this makes, when you lift off the top to clean it and you smell the difference.  If you can not find one you like, you can make one using a large, plastic tote.  Cut an opening in the front for cats to enter box. Make sure opening is at least 6 inches from the floor so litter doesn’t get kicked out.

    Litter brand does matter. Only brand I will use is “Clump & Seal”  Yes, it is not cheap but if I scoop daily and add some fresh litter every 5-6 days, I rarely have to refill the box from scratch.  Have tried many brands but this is the best.
    Food- I use grain-free wet and dry.  My cats love canned Wellness turkey and Pure Vita dry food. I order on-line.  Most grocery store food is full of junk. My cats has not had a urinary infection since I switched and their coats are soft and shiny.  You will pay more but we feel that the extra cost is offset by fewer vet bills.

  3. Tanna Wabeke

    These are really great tips! Our cat has to be on a 100% grain free wet food diet (or he constantly gets UTIs). Needless to say, on an all meat diet, when he drops one, it can smell up the whole house. Tip #7 is so true; ventilation required. I read an article at petbloglady.com about petouthouse.com that lets you move the litter boxes into the garage but the cat can still access them. I may have to do that!

  4. Susan Martin

    We use the breeze system now and it is seriously the best and only way to go! Seems like it is more spendy, but after buying regular litter and everything else..it is so worth it! No smell as long as you scoop daily!

  5. Kim Barcus Woolf

    Bummed — still didn’t work.
    My friend just got a cat so I thought this was perfect Timing..

  6. If anyone wants to change their cats diet to reduce litterbox smells they should do their research. It is possible, but following the advice in cat diet from this article is dangerous and could kill some cats that have problems with urinary crystals.

  7. MandaSchulz

    Feeding your cats a crap diet to try to eliminate litterbox odor is borderline animal abuse. Feed your pets a quality diet, including wet food which provides much needed water and nutrients, or don’t have pets. Clearly, you are not an animal lover. Would you deny your children quality food because you don’t want to change their diaper, or buy toilet paper?
    This is completely ridiculous.

  8. A Thrifty Mom

    My family LOVES our cats… so I have to learn to live with them lol

  9. Jill Bledsoe Timms

    I feel the same way about our cat, and my family. We feed our cat a holistic diet, and the smell is minimal. Another advantage of a holistic diet is that it keeps the fur down. They don’t shed as much.

  10. Debbie Self Dawson

    Clean it twice a day. Keep it clean, if the cat poops clean it up. Don’t wait.

  11. A Thrifty Mom

    I like our cat… while my family LOVES it…. so it is up to me to learn to deal with the cat box… here are some tips

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