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This past month we have shared a couple posts about internet security. We have talked about how F-Secure SAFE has come out with an all inclusive way to protect every device in your home. I mentioned that even my almost two year old loves to get online and watch kid videos on Youtube. It is crazy the videos that are online. She watches these silly videos where the guy wraps little toys inside playdoh and the entire video is the unwrapping and surprising the viewer. Our little girl and sit there for hours watching these simple videos with millions and millions of views. Her favorite spot to watch them is sitting right up next to her daddy. Lucky he is there to make sure she is watching safe videos. That is one reason why we love the features on F-Secure SAFE. It used to be that every now and then she would come across a more adult video, not crazy but just too adult for her. With the F-Secure SAFE we can set the settings on the parental controls. We can limit the chances of certain content getting through to our sweet baby or any of our other kids. My oldest boy loves sports and we all know the Sports Illustrated swimsuit content is not something for a young mind, in our eyes. My two older girls love to watch tutorials on science and even fashion or different ways to do their hair. And if you have ever search Youtube for any kind of content you can see that every now and then more adult themes sometimes pop up in the search feed.

F-Secure SAFE helps us limit the type of content any of our children might be exposed to. And it does not matter the type of device that our kids use, F-Secure SAFE works on all devices. So if one uses my tablet, the other the computer, the other my phone, and so on, they are all protected. And like most kids today they rather be searching through the internet instead of playing outside. Another awesome feature in parental controls is that you can set timers on the usage. So now once the kids reach their time limit they can then break away and go out and blow some stink off as my hubby always says! We love it when they play together online and laugh together at videos they share together. But we also feel they need to limit their time spent online and get up and stay physically active too.

We think it is important for our kids to stay connected with the world and remain up to date with technology and the ever quick changes online and in technology. The world changes so fast and technology is what drives it. No mater what one may think of it, everything now and even more in the future will be driven by technology. And with all of the changes it is darn near impossible to stay current on all of the security measures needed to maintain a safe home. That is where F-Secure SAFE comes into play. Now we can set the time limits, the content that we are exposed to and all of the things in the background are all maintained and secured through the programming from there on out. F-Secure SAFE does all of the hard work by keeping our electronics protected from viruses and malware and everything in between and beyond. It is all inclusive, just like those cruise vacations we all like to go on. You just go and don’t worry about all the details.  That is what we love about it! Try it for four months free too!


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This post is sponsored by F-Secure SAFE as part of a AllStar campaign. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. This is really cool! Love that they have such a long free trial and I don’t have to give them any banking info to try it.

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