Beat the Heat and stay cool with these easy recipes

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Well it is summer and with the heat you really do not want to be caught with your oven on for too long. You can make this Cheese Pizza Monkey Bread in only 15 minutes in the oven!

This Cauliflower Bacon Pecan Salad can be made with no cooking during the day. You can make it with left over bacon from breakfast, or with crumbled store bought bacon.

Cool down with this easy recipe for One Lemon Lemonade and save money too! With only one lemon you can make this lemonade quick and easy!

5 minutes on a George Foreman grill or the same on an outside grill you can make Mini-Sliders. The small patties cook faster!

Some time you just want something cold to eat. This popular Pink Stuff Salad is always a hit. Your kids will love it and you will sneak in some fruit into their diet too!

With a salad you get the cool, with the healthy! Use that left over chicken on a Spinach Mandarin Orange Pecan Salad!

Cook this BBQ Chicken Pizza in 5 mins! You can never go wrong with your kids if you make them pizza!

Don’t forget to check out the other recipes that we have posted in our Recipes and Light Recipes section of our site to keep you taste buds thrilled for months to come!

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