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Couponing 101 – Don’t make checkers cry


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Couponing 101 Please follow simple basic rules for Extreme Couponing or even couponing every once and a while!

There are many people and sites that insist that the couponer is the main reason why stores stay in business. And by this they teach couponers to feel so empowered that they are the only one in the store and no else matters.

We have always tried to teach people how to use coupons. We feel that it is not an entitlement to coupon but rather a privileged to have the opportunity to save so much and are very thankful to stores, manufactures, managers and the cashiers that we befriend.

We are nobody’s mother, or father (since I am the one typing). We can only ask that we treat those that we shop with and from the same way that we would want to be treated. Just the other day Sarah was at a store she shops at frequently, and the cashier told her of a comment that a shopper had made. She said that a shopper told her that we ” A Thrifty Mom” said to do a transaction that wasn’t kosher. The cahier handled the situtation while thinking to her self, that she knew Sarah and knew Sarah would not of said that.

One thing we need to remember is that we are in a store with their rules. We need to follow proper ethics and be polite and kind with everyone in the store. A good example is when Sarah is at Walgreens, she almost always uses the cosmetic cashier to do her lengthy checkouts. When Sarah sees another person coming to check out there as well, she pulls her shopping cart aside, and insist that the customer go ahead of her. Sarah does this no matter if she just started her check out or is one or two transactions away from finishing. She feels that by allowing a customer who is purchasing normal items and is not trying to roll catalinas to go ahead. It not only shows respect and portrays kindness to the customer, but then the cashier too realizes how kind and thoughtful Sarah is to both the stores customers, and to the store employees also.

Now I know some cashier can be down right rude, and make couponing at nightmare.  But that is a whole different blog post.

One of our long time readers sent us this email below that inspired me to make an additional comments and include this in a post.

I was at Albertsons today and was talking to my favorite checker.  There was no one behind me so we had time to visit.  She told me a story that made me a bit upset.  One day last week she had a customer come through her line that had coupons.  Some of the coupons had been cut in a way that the expiration date was cut off.  My checker explained that she could not take coupons without an expiration date.  The lady then proceeded to throw a fit insisting yes she would take them.  She started screaming, being rude etc.  She informed the checker that “it is people like me who are unemployed and use coupons that are the reason you have your job”. She made such a scene that my checker said she (the checker) was in tears after it was over. Please don’t be this person when you coupon.  If you feel that the checker is wrong, which can happen, calmly ask for a manager.  You can even go to customer service after your transaction is finished and speak with someone.  Being calm and polite does not hurt anyone and will leave you feeling better as well as those you deal with

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When I started couponing years ago I thought I would get a coupon binder that looked very office orientated. It was a black fake leather binder. It lasted all of a couple weeks before it fell apart. I came across a binder that seemed to fit couponing perfectly. It had a large three ring binder on one side, and on the other it had a smaller three ring binder. It zipped all the way around and had pockets and a handle that made it really easy to keep things inside without falling out.  And I could hang on to it while wrestling little ones.

It was a Case-It binder. There are many many different versions, single three rings or doubles. And they come in all kinds of dimensions, for the casual couponer to the extreme couponer.

Best part about that binder, is that after all of these years – I still have the same binder! Its full to the max, and is about 5-6 inches thick. But yet still does the job, zips closed, and I can still hang on to it while I wrestle the kids!

Here are the selections they have on sale for Case-It Binders – where you can find all sizes. Or you can see the version of the one I use below:

caseitCase-it 2-in-1 Adjustable Zipper 3-Ring Dual Binder, 1 Set of 3-Inch Rings and 1 Set of 1.5-Inch Rings, Red, Dual-500-RED
On sale for as low as $29.66 and free shipping

  • 3-Inch binder rings and 1.5-Inch binder rings in one unique package
  • Adjustable spine expands binder for up to 5-Inch of capacity
  • Removable pencil case, padded media pockets, and plenty of other storage space
  • Built-in handle and shoulder strap
  • Unique angled zipper design for easy opening and closing


And if you need the clear plastic sheets to hold your coupons inside the binder – See our post:

 Couponing 101 – Coupon Binder Clear Plastic Sheets On Sale



Looking for More Online Deals?  Click here for more  THRIFTY DEALS. Please note that Amazon prices tend to change often so prices may be higher or lower without notice.

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cereal sale albertsons

Before coupons or sales this would have cost me $127.50

 I was able to get it all for $26.02 ($23.07 plus $2.32 tax)

 In case you did not know Albertson is having an AMAZING sale on Quaker products right now.  $1.29 when you buy in groups of 6.  BUT when I went to my local Albertsons in Caldwell  yesterday I noticed that they had a sign with them priced at only $.79 each.  The store has coupons at the registers that takes $1.00 off 2 makes them only $.79 each when you buy in groups of 6.

Please note that this is while supplies last, they had 8 pallets full and another 5 pallets full in the back.  SO go stock up, but don’t go to crazy so there is enough o share with everyone :)

  • Use $1/2 Quaker Product, exp. 6/30/13 (ALL YOU Feb ’13)
  • AND use Use $1 off Milk when you buy Quaker Cookies, Cold Cereals or Chewy Granola Bars, exp. 6/15/13 (RP 05/19/13 R) (not in Idaho)
  • Or if you live in Caldwell Idaho, they have the coupons at the register for you
  • Final Price as low as or at $0.79

albertsons quaker sale

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albertons shopping trip
I am loving these promos at Albertsons this week. Everything in the photo cost me $20.06 before coupons or promo this would have cost $93.41! That is a savings of 80%!

French’s Spicy Brown $.69 each when you buy 10 promo items (normally $2.49)

  • use the coupon for $.40/1 French’s Spicy Brown or Hoseradish Mustard from the the 5/12 smart source.
  • Final price  $.29 each

Barilla Pasta $.49 (when you buy 10 promo items) normally $1.50 each

  • use the  $.55 Barilla Blue Box Pasta in the 5/19 smart source
  • Final price only $.22 each!!!!

  • Final Price as low as or at $0.49

  • used the $1/1 Best Foods Mayonnaise (5/19 Red plum)
  • Final Price as low as or at $1.99

Eggs $.79 each (limit one)

YoCrunch Yogurts were free with coupons I had

Bread was $1.39

Check the full list of Albertsons promo items and the other coupon match up items.

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