Coupons 101

Coupon 101 and Extreme Couponing 101 Coupon Class - Save Money with printable coupons, and store sales with grocery shopping and coupon database. The most comprehensive place to discover, learn, and grow your couponing ability!

Saved over $100 on Quaker cereal, we are set for the SUMMER!

Before coupons or sales this would have cost me $127.50  I was able to get it all for $26.02 ($23.07 plus $2.32 tax)  In case you...

Quick Shopping trip saved 80% at Albertsons ~2 days only

I am loving these promos at Albertsons this week. Everything in the photo cost me $20.06 before coupons or promo this would have cost $93.41! That...

Albertsons STOCK UP PRICE $0.49 no coupons needed ~ Cake, Brownies, Pasta, Soup, Rice

There are some REALLY good deals at Albertsons this week no coupons needed. Cake Mix and Brownie Mix only $.49 each, and so many other...

Free Barilla Sauce ~ How to make coupons work for you

Before sale price or coupons this would have cost $28.72, I was able to get it  all for $6.88  not bad for 8 jars...

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