Do you know someone who is having a baby?  Then you are going to LOVE this awesome Freebie! Perfect for nursing mothers, but even if you do not breast feed your baby it it great for supporting them while feeding them or holding them.  I loved mine when my baby’s were little! FREE NURSING PILLOW from NURSINGPILLOW.COM, use promo ATHRIFTYMOM1

Right now you can get a Free Nursing Pillow (a $ 40.00 Value) at, use Promotion Code AThriftyMom1 there are 9 patterns to pick nursing pillow with promo code ATHRIFTYMOM1 #FREE, #onlineDeals

This offer just came out so hurry and grab yours before styles and selections sell out.  There are 9 prints to pick from, or for a limited time you can upgrade your order to a super soft Minky Nursing Pillow for only $5.00.  To grab this offer go to and click the SHOP NOW link.  Select your print, then go to the shopping bag and enter code  ”AThriftyMom1 “, entering this code will take 100% off you order (a $40 order).  All you will need to pay is shipping, *Shipping Update ~  average for economy shipping is $13-$15 and preferred is $15-$18. But you can choose fedex for 35 or more in some areas, and a few options in between, but the average is $13-$15.

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Free Nursing Pillow (a $ 40.00 Value) at, use Promotion Code AThriftyMom1 TODAY!


  1. The pillow is way to small and isn’t as fluffy as I wanted it either. I would of rather paid the extra money at the store. It was a total scam! Online shopping sucks! You never get what you expect. Pictures can be deceiving. Lesson learned. Wish I would of read these comments before I purchased it

  2. This pillow is a waste of money! The shipping cost is so much and even if the pillow is free it is going to go waste so don’t bother getting it. I am totally disappointed by the product and you can’t even return it! To me this seems like a scam! The pillow is soft and small. I hate it!

  3. Samantha Halbert

    Right!? I said the same thing. I was so excited about just paying shipping. This is one of the last things we need for our baby due in 5 weeks, but I need it asap because I already went into preterm labor and it had to be stopped. My Dr said after week 36 he won’t stop the labor and baby is ready. I am not paying $34 to have it shipped. I can buy one at Burlington for that price.

  4. Jennifer Shelton

    It’s not as big or as firm as the Boppy pillow, but it will do in a pinch. Cute prints!

  5. PrenticeandDeborah Felton

    yup u know im about to go check this out. thanks for the look out boo

  6. mgonzales0519

    It’s a waste of money even if you only pay $12 in shipping and the pillow is free! I’ve used a Bobby in the past. This one is tiny in comparison. It would not fit around my waist but fits around my 9 year old son’s waist perfectly!

  7. Kimburlee Oh Kneal

    No where near as good as a boppy. I have both and th is was kind of a waste.

  8. Catherine Bagsic Torres

    To all my pregnant friends, a deal for you: Janice Ocampo Lealamanua, Toria Bagutasu, Gladys Cabaccan Laygo, Melissa Tarroma and Hazel Bernales-Batayola

  9. Katey Moberly

    Thanks Inis! Go ahead Katie Hesse. I have a gift card there already. 🙂

  10. Stephenie Marie Foster

    I just ordered and shipping was more than stated in this!?

  11. Jessica V Ruthless

    awww bummer, gotta pay for shipping. If only i had the money to pay for the shipping. 🙁

  12. Hayley Lindfors

    Kristen Carlson, Tina Estrada, Malinda Needham, Valerie Carlson, Megan Glover, Cristalina Cordery, Danielle May Krueger

  13. hi
    please is this really for free? I just have my baby and in dare need of one but cant afford it, How can I get one nursing pillow for free?

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