French Dip turns into Crisp Meat Burritos ~ Piggy Back Meals

One way to save money is to cut down on food waste.  My family does not always like left overs so sometimes I will make “piggy back meals” … these are meals that are able to use leftovers, but give them new life in a different recipe or meal plan.

IMG_1059For example this week I make a small  beef roast into French Dip sandwiches,  (for recipe click here)  But we ran out of the dipping sauce.  Which left me about 3 cups of shredded beef.

I then took the 3 cups of shredded beef, chopped it up real good added a can of refried beans, and a dash of hot sauce.

Stirred it all up till it looked like a nasty brown ball of muck …lol.

Then I rolled them into small  burritos.  You know kind of like the ones you buy at Taco Time… But they call them a Crisp Meat Burrito and charge you $2.25 🙂

I fried mine in a skillet with a bit of olive oil… but you could bake them in an oven as well.

Finished product is a totally different taste, and look (which keeps the menu plan new and fresh, and the budget happy)

What are your favorite meals to Piggy Back?

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