Kids Say Silly Things~ I hope my bottom is not like rubber

My Kids Say Such Silly Things, learn more click here4 year old: Mommy I needs a wittle (little) help

Mom: What do you need?

4 year old:  She is stuck…

Mom: Who is stuck?

4year old: My Barbie,( pulling her out from behind her back) I can’t get her cwose (clothes) on right

Mom: Ok (with a giggle) yip looks like she is all twisted up here.  Why does she have two shirts on?

4Year old: Cause her butt is sticky and willy (really) big

Mom: Trying not to laugh… what do you mean.  What does two shirts have anything to do with her bottom.

4Year old: Well I can’t get her pants on… so I just put on more shirts….. Mommy why is her bottom sticky

Mom:  It is not sticky it is just made out of rubber and it is hard to get clothes on Barbie dolls sometimes.

4 year old: Well when I get big I hope my bottom is not like rubber…

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