Hair Straightener Brush Review, Video and coupon discount code


I told you a little bit about my Hair Straightener Brush Review. I know lots of you were excited to get the coupon discount code. I have seen this brush before but thought it had to be some kind of gimmick.  Both my daughter and I just stood there with our mouths open in shock of how good this worked.  We are happy to give this Hair Straightener Brush Review a huge thumbs up!

Update*** new ones in stock with current promo code found here. 

Hair Straightener Brush Reviewhair-straightener-brush-review-2-in-1-ionic-fast-ways-to-straighten-your-hair-gift-ideas-for-tween-and-teen-hair-tips-and-hair-hacks

My daughter has long, thick naturally wavy hair.  As you can see in the before photo below it gets a little frizzy. We plugged in the Hair Straightener Brush and put it up to about 355 degrees.  I will be honest I did NOT really think this was going to work very well. With one pass of the brush through her hair, we both were in shock.  We both began to smile and quickly brushed through the rest of her hair. Could it really be that easy? In less than 5 minutes her hair went from frizzy waves to silky smooth.

After a full 8 hours of school her hair still looked amazing. But in cross country practice they ran in the rain. Her hair did start to get a bit frizzy and from the rain, but still looked better than it normally would have.  In my 11 year old daughters words,  “The brush is amazing”.

We were sent the brush to try out, but all opinions are our own! I would tell you if we did not like it, lol. But actually we happen to LOVE it!

Use coupon code: MM8IVKZ5 at checkout to get $7 off, which makes this under $20!!!  Pretty amazing since they use to be $44.99.

Order here –> Tec Bean 2-in-1 Ionic Hair Straightener Brush with 5 Heat Settings and Heat Resistant Glove

UPDATE **** Looks like the code is noo longer working (it worked for 3 days) which means they sold out of the ones they held back for us. I am in the process of asking them for another code, fingers crossed. You can find the new ones in stock here. 

Use coupon code: MM8IVKZ5 at checkout,  $27.99 (was $44.99) with discount code ONLY $20.99 and ships free with prime! HURRY discount code is while supplies last. UPDATE, looks like they raised the price a dollar, so I changed the numbers to reflect the increase. Still at $20.99 it is a great deal.  Discount code is WHILE SUPPLIES last only.

Watch our product review video


UPDATE: We tested it with very curly hair!

Hi, Tami here. I work for Sarah and got the chance to try this awesome straightening brush out on my daughter Courtni who happens to have thick, curly locks. Perfect for a real test on any straightening product.  She actually really does love her curls thankfully, but enjoys straightening her hair some times too. Unfortunately it can take us an hour and half at the least when we go to do it using the straightener we have. which runs about $50 at the store.

First off, make sure you are going to use a heat protectant on your hair, very important! That brush gets hot. I will suggest also if you have thick and/or curly hair you may want to brush through it first. We used a wet brush, (the only brush we will touch these curls with) because it tangles really easily and when the straightener got to those tangles it hurt her head.

While overall this may not have done the job the one our hairstylist uses on her does, it did just as good as our straightener we have at home. We didn’t have to go over each section as many times as we do the straightener either, so that saved us a lot of time. I was really impressed with the amount of time we spent. You ready for this? It only took us 45 minutes! That cut our straightening time in half! I was really impressed with that.

Courtni felt like it did better on the ends of her hair and left them less wiry looking too, I think I agree with that. I did find that holding the hair tight really helped a lot. Also going in larger sections than I traditionally can do with the straightener helped it too. It seemed to straighten better that way. Go nice and slow and you should be able to get great results.

Overall I would say this is definitely worth the price and a good product you have. It takes a bit to get used to, but Courtni is 13 and could’ve done it on her own I am sure.

I also think it will make the day two touch ups easier than they are with the straightener, another bonus!


About the product and Hair Straightener Brush Review

  • IONIC TECHNOLOGY FOR HEALTHY SILKY HAIR: gives your hair a smooth, silky, natural lustrous look by retaining hair moisture more and reducing frizziness. It gives you natural healthy silky looks rather than flat burnt look.
  • AUTOMATIC TURNING OFF FUNCTION FOR SECURITY: Hair Straightener comes with convenient automatic turning off feature to provide extra security. It turns off automatically after 30 minutes of idle time.
  • FIVE HEAT SETTINGS FOR DIFFERENT HAIR TYPES: It can be adjusted from 150?/302? to 230?/446?. Suitable for all hair types:thin, fine, bleached, wavy or curled. Also you can easily toggle between ? and ? by pressing the power button and the Ionic button together
  • PTC HEATING TECHNOLOGY FOR QUICK SALON QUALITY RESULTS: the hair straightener brush warms quickly in less than one minute to desired temperature setting, with Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) technology, significantly reduces overall straightening, hair styling time compared to conventional hair straighteners.
  • MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: you’re protected by a 360 day, no-questions asked money back guarantee and world class personal customer service! Hair Straightener Brush Review

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  1. Shelley, I read a comment you left on a straightener brush. Is this the one you had, or was yours different?

  2. Brenda Augustino Cimorelli just arrived today. I’ll test it out tomorrow and let you know.

  3. Got mine today and worked perfect on thick curly hair before and after

  4. Bummer!! Please let us know if you end up with another coupon code! Thank you!!

  5. Got ours today and tried it on my 14 y/o daughters thick curly hair. It worked!!! Thank you for the live tutorial! Question: the pink part of the brush(not the handle) gets hot, does yours?

  6. I ordered one and should have been here today! Can’t wait!!U0001f603

  7. Just got mine today! Can’t wait to try it! Thanks so much for sharing the code!

  8. A Thrifty Mom that would be excellent. I was so excited to order one U0001f629 I’ve been eyeing them but didn’t think they worked.

  9. Tanya Paz Yes I was sad too… they sold a bunch but I was hoping the code would last at least a week.

  10. UPDATE **** Looks like the code is no longer working (it worked for 3 days) which means they sold out of the ones they held back for us. I am in the process of asking them for another code, fingers crossed.

  11. UPDATE *** Looks like they code is not longer working (it worked for 3 days) which means they sold of of the ones they held back for us. I am in the process of asking them for another code, fingers crossed.

  12. UPDATE **** Looks like the code is no longer working (it worked for 3 days) which means they sold out of the ones they held back for us. I am in the process of asking them for another code, fingers crossed.

  13. I have super curly natural hair and I’m always looking for a product that will help me straighten my haid

  14. I couldn’t stay up last night. i tried to order this morning and code is expired 🙁

  15. I’m trying to order. When I entered the code, it said it expired U0001f629 Please help!!

  16. Went to order it this morning and coupon code expired!! U0001f629U0001f629U0001f629U0001f629 Nooooooooo!

  17. Got 2 of them for my granddaughters as Christmas gifts! Thanks was a good price!

  18. I’ve seen these at different places like bath and beyond. Do you know if it’s a different brand do they still work the same? It was about $35 there

  19. Using this would cut down anyone’s time with just using the flat iron. I’d but this and use it first before the flat iron too cut out extra time just using flat iron.

  20. Girl I love the videos (not even a mom lol) but them eyebrows! lol You’re beautiful no matter what and keep on keepin’ on girl! U0001f44cU0001f3fc

  21. Is anyone like me and just loves watching her demonstration videos bcuz she’s so entertaining?U0001f609U0001f602

  22. Wow! That really is very impressive! Amazing! Beautiful hair, mine gets frizzy, but, not curly.

  23. We got ours in the mail today. Works wonderful!! Thank you so much for the coupon code and deal :-).

  24. Becky Ruths of course you would know… you are the queen of good deals, thanks for the tip

  25. Nope, but do brush it before your start to get the tangles out before you put any heat on it

  26. I have one different brand and curly hair like hers , but I dong think it gets as flat as I like

  27. Ok it’s still a little frizzy but my goodness it so much more straight! Put some product in it and it will look even better!

  28. When I type in the web address I’m routed to your main page. How can I get to the right area a get a coupon code to order. I have three girls all with crazy hair.

  29. I had a different type of the straighter brush and it didn’t work in my think natural curly hair may have to try this brand

  30. Buy a Chi hair iron and heat protection serum made by Chi and she will have super smooth flat hair I promise! I have curly hair and it works for me

  31. Beauty Protector is another great product I use..its a detangler, leaves your hair smooth and like a thermal protector..a little goes a long way..

  32. Beauty Protector is another great product I use..its a detangler, leaves your hair smooth and like a thermal protector..a little goes a long way..

  33. Bought 2 giving 1 to my daughter for Christmas……shhhhh! The other to a friend

  34. Maybe try running the straight brush from her forehead to the back of her head to get that top layer better?

  35. What happened to if you have nothing to say don’t say it at all thank you for all that you do

  36. It’s coming to 20.99 for me not 19.99, am I doing something wrong? it’s 27.99 and the coupon takes $7 off

  37. Don’t wash often the either….straighten curly hair..wash 3 days later

  38. I suggest next time she does it in section and it will come out flatter. She has beautiful hair.

  39. Maybe try running the straight brush from her forehead to straight back to get that top layer better? Then repart

  40. Trick with the ends with course curly hair is blow drying really well especially the ends and then flat iron it. My daughter has hair just like this!!

  41. I remember when I was younger and had that kind of hair. Straightening was always a struggle so I hardly ever did! Haha Good to know there are more options out there now!! I have a ton of layers now and found only one straightener that actually works in one pass.

  42. Use leave in conditioner before your straighten it… it works wonders trust me.. I use it when i straighten mine and it’s silky smooth

  43. Can people keep negative comments to there selfs I love watching you live your doing this by choice for us thank you

  44. Those that say could be less frizzy, go back and see her hair when this ends. Looks great. You’re beautiful!

  45. That does look better than my flat iron! But this is with no product, right?

  46. If you want I could send you a before and after I will be doing both my daughters hair biracial hair on Wednesday. My one daughter has 4c

  47. There are a couple of YouTube reviews by African American woman just search tec bean brush

  48. Waste of money. Look at how slow she’s brushing it. Your better off with a ceramic hair iron. And African Americans hair isn’t dry it’s just coarse..

  49. I love Courtneys hair. I used to have to pay good money to get that hair. I love the results with this

  50. I buy the Joico with keratin shampoo and deep conditioner..I have very curly hair and I use it when I want to straighten my hair..makes coarse hair the stuff..

  51. We just got ours in today. I tried it on my 3yr old her hair is super curly and it worked good.

  52. I love Courtney’s hair. I used to pay good money for perma to do the same thing

  53. Would love to have one but head they wasn’t that great but it looks wonderful to me

  54. 200 degrees is good for touching up the next day because you wouldn’t want to double up that kind of heat.

  55. Is it as straight as she likes it or would she try to make it more straight?

  56. Wow that’s awesome. I’ve seen them before but I think they were pretty pricey.

  57. This needs to be in my Amazon cart asap! My little angel blossom hates the regular hair straightens. This will be a must for her!

  58. I ordered one for my 12 year old daughter and it came today…Lets’s see if I can wait until Christmas to give it to her!

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