Internet goes on strike and shuts down

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You may not know what SOPA is, but if you run an online website you probably have heard about the new vote coming before our government… If you haven’t heard of SOPA you will most likely see the Strike tomorrow.. Wikipedia has already gone “black”.. or shutting down…Websites that go “black” tomorrow Wed 1/18/12 are publicly displaying their protest for the legislation going before our government to restrict, regulate, enforce, and give out felony warrants for arrest of website owners who the Big brother of Governmental deem in violation. We will not be going “black” and taking our site down for the day – but we have already sent letters to our senators and congressman to oppose the bill. We hope you will do he same…Please read the following link and support sites like, Wikipedia, WordPress, Twitter, Reddit, A Thrifty… and hundreds and thousands of other sites…

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