Local Rite Aid is putting on the brakes

If you shop at the Rite Aid in the Boise, Idaho area you are going to notice a difference in this next weeks sale, and this might spread Rite Aid cooperation wide.

There will now be limits of 4 deals per item, per sale, unless the ad has a different limit, such as two. This retailer is having the same issues that Walgreens has been having, click here to read about that.

So what do you think about this turn of events? Here are some of my thoughts on this.

With the growing interest in coupons and the supply of the great items disappearing off the shelf even before the sale is 24 hours old, I think it is a great idea. Too many regular sale seekers are missing out on the deals because not everyone chooses to hit the store first thing Sunday morning. Read here about what stores are best for stocking up at. The employees of these stores are then left with trying to give the best customer service over the next 6 days of the sale to not only the couponing community but the average consumer. I as a coupon-using consumer want this store to be successful, remain available, coupon friendly, and not unduly burdened with rain checks that are left unclaimed (this creates a back stock). If imposing limits assists them in doing this, then I will happily follow the rules.

So now having said this. How do you feel about this issue. Will you embrace this?

I know I can still get a great stock pile on 4 deals per item per week, it just might take a little longer and I am okay with that. What I will like about this limitation is that when I find time to get into the store, I have a better chance of actually getting deals and NOT having a binder full of rain checks rather than a full stock pile.


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