Loosen Up

yogaLoosen up!

I have a hard time realising that women seem to be too timid when it comes to computers. I see women give birth to babies, when most men would pass out. I see women take care of multiple little children while husbands are off sitting at a desk. I see women handle cashiers and other shoppers while pushing around 3 or 4 kids in a shopping cart, all while keeping an eye on their coupon binder.

But when it comes to computers some (many) women shut down and panic.

I want everyone who reads our site to rest assured that by clicking on a link on our site won’t break our site, or your computer. Many people make comments on a post that is unrelated to their question because they say they couldn’t find out where to email us. (There is a flashing post-it note on the top right of our site that says Email me, Click here)

You women handle so much in your life. I would like for you to sit back, and read our site until the tunnel vision goes away. Nothing will happen, we won’t brain wash you sitting here. (Ok maybe we will so you can save a ton of money on shopping)

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