Q-Tip Painting Art Activity for Kids

Q-Tip Painting Art Activity for Kids

This Q-Tip Painting Art Activity for Kids is an easy and different way to make painting a fun. I used this activity for a group of preschoolers once and they loved it. We did it on “Q” day but you could use this any time. Perfect for younger children to practice fine motor skill and for older kids learning about different art styles like pointillism.

All you need is paint, paper, and of course q-tips or any cotton swab equivalent! I used this paint. It’s my favorite kid paint because its so easy to clean up.

You can give the kids a theme or just let them have at! Paint tip –> lay down newspaper or cut open a large trash bag for a table cloth for easy clean up. I didn’t worry about because the paint I used wipes off my table super easy.

Here is a printable letter Q if you want to do it with preschoolers.

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