Thanks –

I have cried today many times. Not sure exactly why. I never knew my grandfathers. I think every boy should of know them. My mom’s parents disowned our family when my parents got married. My dad’s parents basically disowned us due to laziness and greed. But just this past month I have learned something amazing. My fathers dad – Charles Barrand served under General Patton in a tank in the first invasion of Northern Africa in WW2. Then on through North Africa into Italy an then on to France. He lost his knee caps in a tank battle in France and came home with metal knee caps and according to my dad was in the hospital for a long time and was “pretty banged up”. So I watch some YouTube videos of current tank battles and picture my grandfather in the tank. I cried with honor.
I want to thank all who served, their family, their friends who supported them. I want too thank those who wrote the check of their life to protect the values and the Constitution of the United States Of America!

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