Vote for your favorite this week ~ Kids Say Such Silly Things

kids say such silly things

I hope you have enjoyed the funny stories submitted by our readers this week in our ” Kids Say Such Silly Things” contest.  Your vote will determine the winner… all you have to do is leave a comment on the post you like best and each comment is a vote.  Comments and votes are REALLY low so please take second a vote for your favorite.  The winner will win a FREE MONTH OF XBOX LIVE.

woofing dog

Puppy was woofin’ – Vote here

clean baby

See you when the baby is clean ~ Vote Here 

kermit eating flies

I guess I’ll eat flies ~ Vote here and to read the whole story 

baby born naked

Did you know babies are born naked ~ vote here and to read the whole story



  1. I was teaching a first grade class trying to find out how much they know about days in a month. It was June and I said “Hmmm I’m not sure how many days there are in a month ?” Josh yelled out – Just google it Mrs.D!

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