Was she dead or just sleeping? What should I have done?


I pulled up to Albertsons today only to notice the lady in the car next to me was either asleep or dead… I was not sure. She was older (maybe 70’s) mouth open, pale and in kind of a hunched over position. To say I was started and worried was an understatement… but what should I do? Maybe she was just napping and I did not want to give her a heart attack by beating on the window.
But leaving her there only to find her in the same spot when I came back did not seem right either… so I watched. Yes I know it sounds like a creepy stalker film… I just sat and watched I finally did see her breath which made me feel a little better (but not much) but her color was still way off. After 2-3 minuted I decided to get out of my car and if I slammed the car door it might make enough noise to awake her if she was in fact just sleeping.
I slammed my door, sure enough she moved but it was more of a confused twitch. But it did the trick she stumbled out of her car and into the store I followed along behind her… once again feeling kind of like a creepy stalker ( but really I just wanted to make sure she was ok).
I saw her go to the produce section she appeared “slow but ok” so I bought my broccoli and moved on. Only to then see her go to the liquor section of the store. She bought two boxes of wine, a few apples and pushed her cart out the door to her car.
Oh my…. I was the only one who saw her passed out in her car before hand. All the pieces were starting to fall into place BUT I still had no idea what to do. So instead I did nothing……

What should I have done….? Still scratching my head over this one.


  1. I talked to my husband about this since he is a Paramedic/Firefighter and he said to call 911 and have the fire department come and assess her. He said just with some of the symptoms you described, she could have been diabetic so it’s best to call 911 and have them take care of it.

  2. I would have informed the store manager and let them make the decision as to whether to call the police.  It is their concern if a customer needs help.  I think that watching to make sure she was breathing was okay, but she could have been having a stroke or heart attack, so waiting is not a good idea.  As I’ve gotten older (in my 50’s) I find it easier to make these dicisions because of experiences I’ve had.  Much of it is just living and learning.

  3. I would of called the cops, explain what happened and leave it up to them. If she would of got into an accident on the way home and killed some one you would of felt real bad. I’ve done it at my work place before and the cops came and checked it out. You rather be safe than sorry!!!

  4. I would have struggled with that decision myself. Maybe it would have been best to have called the police especially after seeing her like that in the car before hand.

  5. i would have called dispatch and they would have come to check on her,  i have done it before and around here at least they are happy to go check

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