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 Back to school nightly checklist, help kids stay on task and get ready for school #Pink #Girls #FreePrintable, #School,Yesterday I told you about a FREE PRINTABLE Back To School Nightly Check List.  If you have a girl that would like one a little more “girly”, then you are in luck.  Same basic idea just geared more towards a girl.  You can laminate these, or put them in a photo frame use a dry erase marker so they can be used each night.

FREE printable here –Girl Nightly School Checklist

Girls Nightly ChecklistIf you want the more gender neutral check list you can find it here.Back to school nightly checklist, help kids stay on task and get ready for school #FreePrintable, #School,

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10 ways to stay motivated while losing weight. #weightloss, #health, #healthyliving, #motivation,#healthylifestyle

10 Ways to Stay Motivated While Losing Weight

Let me start by saying these are methods I am actually using, and that are really and truly working this time!  No crazy diets, no horrible pills or devices, just hard work,dedication and a whole lot of sweaty exercise!  These tips I am sharing have helped me lose consistently. They keep me accountable and are really helping!  I really feel like it is thanks to a combination of the 10 things I am about to share.

1. A Visual Aid:  In the above picture you can see what my visual aid is.  I took 2 jars and filled them with 1 penny per pound I want to lose.  This would work with marbles, beans, beads, anything really.  Each time I lose, I take a penny out of the “to lose” jar and add it to the “lost” jar.  Maybe for you it would be a photo of a fit role model hanging on your mirror or the fridge.  Or both!  Maybe it is a photo of an outfit you would like to fit into, or a photo of you when you were smaller than you are now.  I have those too, but they didn’t work for me.  This puts the 100 pounds I want (and need) to lose into perspective and each time I get to move a penny I get to acknowledge that it is working!  That is great for me!  Now, gaining weight and having to put the penny back in the jar isn’t a fun idea (haven’t had to do that yet,thank goodness!) and is also motivating.

2.  Join a Diet Bet or Facebook Accountability Group:  If you can’t find one, start one and invite your friends and their friends to join!  Thanks to a good friend who started a facebook weight loss challenge, I started my journey with renewed perspective a few weeks ago.  We each threw just $10 in the pot, and those that lose the most based on percentage of body weight lost will walk away with that money at the end.  Let me tell you, taking a photo of the number on the scale and sending it to be seen by all those in our private facebook group was HARD.  Maybe it isn’t for you,and that is great!  I struggled with it.  In the end I decided it was extra incentive,and having a bunch of people that know that number and will see if I gain or fail has proven to be a great tool for me!

3. Get a Workout Partner: Find a friend or your spouse who will regularly workout with you.  Make sure it is someone that will help motivate and encourage you.  I know that if it wasn’t for my friend who asked me to start walking with her, I would’ve given up already.  Part of what keeps me going is that she is waiting for me in our spot every morning at the same time.  I don’t want to let her down,and so I show up.

4. Get dressed in your workout clothes when you wake up:  Pretty self explanatory, but really, if you put on your workout clothes you aren’t going to forget that you need to exercise.  Get it done early and then you don’t have it hanging over your head all day!

5.  Get Some New Workout Clothes or Shoes: Who doesn’t love new clothes?  Having something cute to workout in makes the workout that much easier to endure! It doesn’t have to be much, even just a new pair of workout pants or a tank top with a clever saying.

6. Start with Small Goals and rewards: It is easy to get overwhelmed if you have a significant amount to lose.  Even if you don’t, the task can be daunting!  It is a lot easier to put weight on then it is to take it off, am I right? So make your goals small and set rewards along your journey.  A friend of mine has said that each time she takes 60,000 steps on her pedometer she gets to buy something.  Sounds good to me!  I have decided that for each 10 pounds I lose I get to buy something.  I am notoriously cheap and frugal, so this is another way for me to get to acknowledge the hard work I have put in.

7. Create a My Fitness Pal account and keep track of it: If you haven’t heard of My Fitness Pal, it is a website and phone app that allows you to keep track of what you have eaten (don’t cheat, record it all!), how much you have exercised and your water intake for the day.  It keeps record of all of it for you so that you have a realistic view of what you are putting into your mouth and how much work it is going to take to work that donut off.  Sometimes it helps ward off a sweet craving.  And sometimes it doesn’t.

8. Get a Pedometer: This one is easier than it sounds if you have a smart phone or an Ipod.  Download a free pedometer app onto your phone. Keep your phone in your pocket or on your body and it will keep track of your steps for the day.  It is recommended to get 10,000 steps a day.  On my 2 mile walk each morning I get around 5000 steps.  So I guess the 10000 is about 4 miles.  My record steps for a single day is 13000! I enjoy trying to break my records.  The app I use is called Pacer.

9. Follow Motivational Feeds on Social Media: I am on Instagram a lot throughout the day. I started following several healthy living accounts so that I was being motivated on those short breaks of sitting mindlessly on my phone throughout the day.  This is also a great way to find healthy recipes and snacks.  On a side note, A Thrifty Mom is on Instagram too! Look for us under “athriftymom” on the search for users section.  This is also a great idea with Facebook and Twitter feeds.  Anything that you will check and that can help keep you focused.

10. It isn’t all About the Scale:  It is easy to get tunnel vision and only think about the number on the scale. Lets be real, that number fluctuates all day long.  It goes up and down more than an elevator in a busy building! While it is important,and I do pay attention to that number and check it often, focus on the other changes that need to be celebrated.  The pants that won’t stay up, the difference in your attitude towards food and/or exercise, the clearer skin you have developed from drinking half your body weight in ounces of water, Your kids being proud of you for working out and having staying active become a part of all of your lives.  These are all things that I have been noticing in myself over this journey.  While the number of pounds I have lost isn’t spectacular and amazing yet, it is something.  It is more than the me from 2 months ago that sat depressed because the number was moving the wrong direction and I was too lazy to change it.  Hearing my kids give me 5 when I put a coin into the lost jar or asking if they can exercise with me is a non scale victory that I love!  In the end they are the greatest motivators of all and I will do all I can to make them proud!

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summer boredom buster idea, #summer, #boredom, #kids, #easy, #summeridea, #keepingkidshappy, #summervacation

Summer Boredom Buster Idea

We are only a couple of weeks into summer break and if I hear “I am bored!” one more time I am going to go crazy!  I have one child that is the biggest user of the word, but all of my kids have claimed to be bored more than once.  For the sake of my sanity, and my children not being sent away to boarding school I came up with this idea.  I had seen it a few years back via pinterest, but couldn’t find it again to save my life!  Oh well, I just made my own version.

The idea is that the child must have done everything on the list before he/she can claim to be bored.  I made it easy to read and will hang it on my fridge so no one can claim to forget.  This week will be the test to see if it actually helps.  I know that not all of the items on my list are pertinent to everyone, but it is a good starting point to help you brainstorm some ideas of your own.  Good luck!  If you try it, let us know how it works out for your family!

More activities, projects and fun things to do with your kids.

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Balloon Barrettes DIY Kids Fashion
Lady Bugs made out of an egg carton
Exploding Soap ~ Microwave Science For Kids
Horse made out of a pop bottle
Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids ~ Paper Turkeys
Easy Kid Games ~ Turn Easter Eggs Into Reading Games for Kids
 Math Games For Kids
Learn to tell time ~ Time Games for kids
 Frozen Popcorn
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FROZEN Rice Krispy Treats
 Blue Jello Cake Recipe
Magical Moving Milk Science Experiment 
How to make Flubber
Lava Lamp Bottle
Cloud Clay, the softest clay EVER made with only 2 ingredients
Play Time With Dad Shirt

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How to tell a female or Male bell pepperLearned something new today from my neighbor while working in our garden.  He told me that there are both male and female peppers (I looked it up on the internet to confirm it was true and if you find it on the internet it must be true LOL).  Did you know that there are two kinds of bell peppers?

The female peppers  and more round, they have 4 bumps on the bottom. They have more seeds on the inside and when eaten raw the female peppers are sweeter than the male peppers.  So these are better for salads, veggie trays and sandwiches.

The Male  peppers  are taller and thin, they only have 3 bumps.  They are not as sweet but hold up better in heat  and are better for cooking. These are perfect for stews, dips, and cooking.

So next time you are in your garden or in the grocery store, flip over the peppers and  see if your buying “boys or girls” :)

How to tell a female or Male bell pepper

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Free milk and oreo promo, COUPONS make shopping funI was out of milk…. and was pretty excited to get this amazing deal at Albertsons today.  They are having a promo, when you buy 3 packages of Oreo’s you get a FREE gallon of milk!  The Oreos are only $1.99 a package, which is a great deal… BUT coupons make that deal even sweeter!  My store manager was passing out coupons for $1.00 off every two packages you bought…. which means I got Oreo’s for only $1.49 and FREE MILK.

We do not normally buy Oreo’s, so this will be an awesome treat for my kids…. plus they are good till Sept 2o14 so we have lots of time to eat them before the use by date.




  • Use $0.75/2 Oreo Packages, exp. 3/28/14 (SS 02/09/14)
  • Or $1.00 off 2 Oreo Products tearpad
  • Or $2/2 Oreos Product, exp. 5/31/14 (Tearpad)
  • Final Price as low as or at $0.99

Before you shop check out all the good deals this week at Albertsons (Idaho/Utah/North Dakota stores). Quaker cereal $1.49 a box, Boneless Skinless chicken breast $1.88 and more!

FREE MILK promo at Albertsons when you buy oreo for only 1.99 sweet deal all around

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