Ghost Window Cling~ Thrifty Halloween Decor

Ghost Window Cling ~ Thrifty Halloween Decor

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Ghost Window Cling~ Thrifty Halloween Decor

It doesn’t get thriftier or easier then this ghost!  Really, all you need is a roll of Glad Press and Seal Wrap and some scissors.

The wrap clings, but isn’t super sticky, making it easy to apply and remove when Halloween is over.

Simply roll out your wrap on a flat surface (make sure it is clean, the wrap will pick up any crumbs or debris that it is laid on) and trim to the desired shape and size.  The best part is that since ghosts don’t have any specific shape or size, you can really customize it and get just the look you are wanting.

Carefully stick it to the window, Begin at either the top or bottom rubbing gently with your hand to get any air bubbles out.

And there you have it!  Thrifty, easy and cute!

Ghost window art, #ghost, #Halloween, #pressandseal, #fall, #spooky



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