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A lot of you saw the first post/ video we did on a product much like this.  We loved the brush it worked great!  We did a video on them but they SOLD OUT . We have been waiting for a while for them to come back in stock. Great news is the Hair Straightener Brush  is back, but a better updated version.  It has new features, is more sleek and works amazing! Hair Straightener Brush Sale is while supplies last so HURRY.

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What I liked about it:

My daughter has long, thick naturally wavy hair.  As you can see in the before photo below it gets a little frizzy. We plugged in the Hair Straightener Brush and put it up to about 355 degrees.  I will be honest I did NOT really think this was going to work very well. With one pass of the brush through her hair, we both were in shock.  We both began to smile and quickly brushed through the rest of her hair. Could it really be that easy? In less than 5 minutes her hair went from frizzy waves to silky smooth.

After a full 8 hours of school her hair still looked amazing. But in cross country practice they ran in the rain. Her hair did start to get a bit frizzy and from the rain, but still looked better than it normally would have.  In my 11 year old daughters words,  “The brush is amazing”.

We were sent the brush to try out, but all opinions are our own! I would tell you if we did not like it, lol. But actually we happen to LOVE it!

About the Hair Straightener Brush Sale:

  • DOUBLE IONIC GENERATOR FOR HEALTHY SILKY HAIR: gives your hair a smooth, silky, natural lustrous look by sealing the hair cuticles- reducing frizziness, split ends, and knotting. It gives you natural healthy silky looks rather than flat burnt look and leaves your hair easy to manage.
  • HIGH DENSITY OF NANO COMB BRUSH FOR CURLY HAIR: Work between 110V-220V,Make it way easier for curly hair, Straight and frizz-free hair in just several minutes, also provides a massaging effect that benefits the scalp and simulates hair follicles. Hair Straightener Brush Sale
  • TAME THE WILDEST LOCKS WITH FIVE DIFFERENT HEAT SETTINGS: MiroPure Straightener has been described as a secret weapon in the quest for dream hair. Your Miropure can be adjusted to five different settings from 150?/302? to 230?/446?. Suitable for all hair types: thin, fine, bleached, wavy or curled.
  • IF YOU’RE STILL USING A PTC HAIR STRAIGHTENER – YOU’RE MISSING OUT. MTC is the new heating standard for hair appliance. What does this mean for you? Heat Quickly, Most Evenly in less than one minute, Save Energy, More Durable, Lasts Longer, significantly reduces overall straightening, hair styling time compared to conventional hair straighteners.
  • TEMPRETURE LOCK AND AUTO SHUT OFF FUNCTION FOR SECURITY: temperature lock function can avoid temperature changing intentionally when doing hair styles, even more secure with auto shut off function. you’re protected by a 360 day, no-questions asked money back guarantee and world class personal customer service! Hair Straightener Brush Sale

Products we used in the Video:


Order here –> Uniq One All in One Hair Treatment Coconut

Product Description

  • 10 ADDS BODY.

redken-heat-styling-spray-22Order here–> Redken Hots Sets 22 Thermal Setting Mist Heat spray

For curling or flat irons, spray on dry hair section by section. for a roller set, spray on damp hair. Max control. For even more savings buy the pack of two!!!

wet-brushWet Brush 2 Piece Original Detangler Hair Brush


UPDATE: We tested it with very curly hair!

Hi, Tami here. I work for Sarah and got the chance to try this awesome straightening brush out on my daughter Courtni who happens to have thick, curly locks. Perfect for a real test on any straightening product.  She actually really does love her curls thankfully, but enjoys straightening her hair some times too. Unfortunately it can take us an hour and half at the least when we go to do it using the straightener we have. which runs about $50 at the store.

First off, make sure you are going to use a heat protectant on your hair, very important! That brush gets hot. I will suggest also if you have thick and/or curly hair you may want to brush through it first. We used a wet brush, (the only brush we will touch these curls with) because it tangles really easily and when the straightener got to those tangles it hurt her head.

While overall this may not have done the job the one our hairstylist uses on her does, it did just as good as our straightener we have at home. We didn’t have to go over each section as many times as we do the straightener either, so that saved us a lot of time. I was really impressed with the amount of time we spent. You ready for this? It only took us 45 minutes! That cut our straightening time in half! I was really impressed with that.

Courtni felt like it did better on the ends of her hair and left them less wiry looking too, I think I agree with that. I did find that holding the hair tight really helped a lot. Also going in larger sections than I traditionally can do with the straightener helped it too. It seemed to straighten better that way. Go nice and slow and you should be able to get great results.

Overall I would say this is definitely worth the price and a good product you have. It takes a bit to get used to, but Courtni is 13 and could’ve done it on her own I am sure.

I also think it will make the day two touch ups easier than they are with the straightener, another bonus!


About the product and Hair Straightener Brush Review

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  1. I have straight hair but it dries messy and I bought this and it’s awesome. I tried it today and it was simple and fast for me to get it nice and straight. This will be great when I need a nice ponytail. (I’m sick so it is what it is)

  2. I missed this last night I am so excited to get this. I shared this morning hope I get in on the free one .

  3. I ordered one last time. I was nervous it wasn’t going to work as good as a traditional straighter, but I love it!

  4. Mine was 19.99U0001f60a had a reward too got it shipped for 12.38 U0001f44dU0001f3fb

  5. Man,I need hair is so curly. And I need would save me time. I shared.hope to win.

  6. Just got mine in the mail today and tried it. Ordered the spray as well. My hair is still frizzy after using it but I didn’t section it off and I probably should have because it’s so thick but my hair is straight. I love the smell of the protectant !

  7. There is going to be a lot of hair flying around the kitchen when you cook not a good idea to do that in a kitchen

  8. I have looked and looked and can’t find place to order, unless I wanna pay 46.00

  9. I’ve always wanted one but wasn’t sure it would work on my thick hair but matt just bought me a new Straightener recently 🙂

  10. You can subscribe to our live videos 🙂 Then it will let you know when we are live

  11. Karla have you contacted the company… we use ours a LOT I am sorry to hear you are having trouble with it. They want good reviews and are normally very quick to offer solutions. Hope that helps

  12. Love mine my 8 year old uses it on her own and she does great. I also has short A line and it works great on my hair also.

  13. Not real happy got this for my daughter for Christmas and it will not heat up anymore. Has anybody else had any problems

  14. I ordered mine on Saturday night ant it was delivered Sunday before noon.

  15. This straightener is amazing. I suck at doing hair (not a good thing with 2 daughters!) — best case scenario, things just don’t turn out; worst case, someone gets burned bc my hand/eye coordination is so miserable. With this I can have presentable looking hair in just a few mins, without all the stress & headache. Love it!

  16. This thing is hard to clean. If you’re going to spray your hair with the heat protectant spray it gets into the brush and you can’t get it out. If anyone has any ideas please tell me.

  17. I dont have prime, guess i need to win one lol or someone buy me one pretty please

  18. This is almost like the one I already bought. I this video as well. It doesn’t work for my hair type. I’m sure it works great on some people. Unfortunately, not for me. It only takes me less than a half hour now to straighten my hair.

  19. Yay I ordered one. I am soo hoping this will cut down on my straightening time. I actually quit flat ironing my hair bc it too too long. Only problem is I forgot to check the Voltage before ordering and see it’s 120… we are currently stationed in Germany so I’ll have to use a transformer :(.

  20. Mine came to 24.38 because I don’t have prime. But still a great deal. I’m so excited. I will get mine Thursday.

  21. Chimene Mullins I just ordered one to try. Use their link if you like it and it will take you to Amazon and put in this code before you pay: 33IAQG59
    Makes it 19.38 total

  22. I definitely believe it takes that long to straighten her hair. I myself have thick and usually pretty curly hair and it takes me a good hour or so to straighten it because I have to do it in sections even on the hottest setting.

  23. Didn’t get the link of the brush straightener can you link it for me please thank you U0001f60a

  24. Ask a friend or family member with prime to order it and have it shipped to your address!

  25. Pamela Vincent Bermudez you need this it is amazing! Look at that curly hair! I have thus and it is so much better then a regular straightener.

  26. Yippee I got it ordered before they were sold out again. My DIL has one and loves it. I gave it a try this morning and was very impressed So, I have decided NOT to cut off my long hair . Made ha huge difference and my hair is not thick or curly.

  27. I bought this last time you posted and can’t say thank you enough!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this thing!!! Best product I have ever bought!!

  28. Thank you!! Ordered the straightener, brush and spray, but got the other spray- so thanks for the thin hair spray recommendation!! Thanks!

  29. I use the hot sets when curling my hair with hot rollers. It’s awesome….

  30. Just spent 2 hours at the salon getting my 5yr olds hair straightened to get 12 inches trimmed cost 40.00 just for the straightening

  31. My daughter LOVES this straightener!! She is 13 and can use it herself!! So glad I spent the $20!!

  32. Ordering mine, still a great price! What was the other product you used? It shows backwards to the viewer. Thanks!

  33. What are you listening too??? My seven year old daughter U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  34. Her hair doesn’t look straight like yours. I had one of these brush straighteners and returned it. Did not straighten my thick hair fyi

  35. So the wet brush they have 3 kinds, one for curly one for thin hair and one for “regular” hair

  36. This looks great! Wondering if it will work on my daughter’s hair though.

  37. The inventor of the wet brush made a deal with the devilU0001f479U0001f479U0001f479 because that thing WORKS

  38. Looks like the first few inches close to the scalp doesn’t get straightened well….is that true?

  39. I am going to wait until the next time they give you a code. I am going to get prime next week.

  40. Love that it works on thick curly hair and it takes so much volume off at to that’s why I like Yours better the one that I have

  41. You talked me into it! Just ordered mine for 19.38! I have fairly curly hair but have Fibro so straightening is out for me. Can’t wait to try it 😉 Love Kitty Cat in the back 🙂

  42. I ordered mine, I’m hoping it works better than the other two straightening brushes I have.

  43. What is the code, I totally want one of these. I have the craziest hair ever!

  44. I almost bought a heated brush. It looks like it doesn’t do well close to the scalp (first few inches). Is that true?

  45. Does the spray make your hair oily? Ever time I use thermal spray my hair gets greasy/oilyU0001f614

  46. Order mine total mine to 19.38 but end up being free!!! used citi thank you points

  47. What kind of wet brush do you use? I have never heard of them and I have very curly hair like Courtney’s beautiful hair.

  48. How much of it do you use (spray) each time? How long does the bottle last

  49. I straighten my hair every day and I am curious about this, but skeptical if it will do the same or better

  50. I saw a video where the brush shaves all the split ends off. But it’s super expensive

  51. Get code and Order HERE–> I

  52. I have a hot brush but it’s not the same one it cost $30 doesn’t get much of my hair straight that one seems to be better

  53. I want one. My budget is too tight right now , even at that super price.I hope I win My hair is like Courtneys hair.

  54. I love to watch your family. I like that you’re a fun mom! Your kids ever get embarrassed?? My only child gets embarrassed when I act silly

  55. Just ordered this. Code took it down to $19.38 shipped. Excited to try this. U0001f60a

  56. I just bought it! My daughter and I have really curly hair and I am so excited to save time in the mornings.

  57. It helped when I broke my dominant wrist after Christmas… I couldn’t use the straightener, but I could use this!

  58. I have curly hair and it usally takes me forever. With this it has cut my time in half!!

  59. Purchased this for my 11 year old daughter, the last time you had this on. She loves it.

  60. This thing is awesome! Bought it during your video and love it! Before pic above

  61. I ordered mine on Friday and got it yesterday. Of course once my daughter was in bed I tried it out! My hair is super thick and curly..this thing is amazing!!! I can’t stop touching my hair! Lol I slept on it last night and this morning it looks just the same!

  62. Mine came yesterday however we have sleet and snow today so I’m waiting to try it 🙁

  63. MY daughter and I need this , my daughter is black Hawaiian & white & I have natural curly hair.

  64. It is not through amazon,it’s thru Prime and it’s a scam, I did not appreciate it lady

  65. I went to the website you said and that is not amazon ,it’s prime, that is a scam,I did not appreciate it. Scam

  66. Ok I have extremely thick hair and I have purchased a similar product and it just made my hair poof!! I watched this video ok Friday and decided, since it was on sale and I could use my prime, I would give it a try. The brush was delivered today (SUNDAY at that) and I couldn’t wait to try it out. I did my hair and my daughter’s hair. We are now believers!!!!! My daughter has extremely curly and thin hair. On both of us our hair looks healthy and shiny and it is STRAIGHT! Took me maybe 10mins to do my hair. It typically takes me 30-45mins to straighten my hair. I highly recommend this brush for all hair types, you won’t be disappointed!!

  67. I’m a special needs school bus driver and I get up at 3:30am, I use the chi now but yours look so fast and sure would save me time, I could sleep till 4:00 am, hahaha. Hope I win, really need this. U0001f61cU0001f61c

  68. Look legit. I think the adjustable temp is a plus. Adrienne Ringer-Gibson check this out.