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Peanut Butter Fruit Dip~ Turkey Tray~ Thanksgiving Snack Idea

This fruit dip is AMAZING.  Seriously.  If you like apples and peanut butter you are going to want to eat it all on your own.  The recipe makes enough to share, so bring it to your next holiday gathering so you aren’t tempted to eat it all alone.

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1 cube cream cheese

1 cup brown sugar packed

1 cup peanut butter

1/4 cup milk

*Would also be fabulous with chocolate chips mixed in

Soften your cream cheese, add all your other ingredients and mix with a mixer.  It really is so simple!

Let it chill for a little while (although it tastes great right away too)

To create this cute turkey with your apple slices, you will need a round tray.  For easy clean up, cover it in tin foil.  Use an apple slicer and cut up the desired amount of apples.  The tray pictured had 5 whole Fuji apples on it.  Place your bowl of dip on the tray.  Arrange fanning out the slices as if they are the feathers, spreading around your bowl.  Your bowl is the body of the turkey.  I used m&ms for my turkey face and a Hershey kiss for his beak.

Your apples will turn brown if sliced too long, so slice them just before serving.

thanksgiving food ideas, #snack, #apples, #fruitdip, #fruittray, #turkey, #thanksgiving, #thanksgivingfood

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Turkey Leg~ Fun and Easy Thanksgiving Craft

Looking for a fun, healthy, thrifty snack to tide the kids over on Thanksgiving while they wait for the big feast?  Look no further!  Let them feast on these “vegetarian” turkey legs while they wait!

You will need:

Brown paper lunch bags

1 sheet of white printer paper (per turkey leg)

glue, tape or hot glue



Pop your popcorn and let it cool so you can touch it.  Put a couple of cups (I didn’t measure an exact amount) inside your brown paper lunch bag.  After you have filled it, form the bag so it is rounded, like a turkey leg, not squared like a lunch bag.  and cut off about 2 inches off the opening.

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Now holding your paper so it is tall, not wide, cut 7 inches off and roll that.  Mine was between 1 1/2-2 inches thick.  Glue along the seam.

turkey leg thanksgiving craft, #diy, #kidscraft, #turkey, #thanksgiving, #craft, #popcorn, #thrifty, #snack, #paperbag

With the remainder of your paper, you will want to cut 2 1/2 inches off.  Same direction as your 7 inches.  This will need to be the same width as the other tube you cut, as it will be fitting on the end of it.  Roll it, glue the seam, and then cut strips about an inch down.  You will have about 3 layers of your tube, Just cut all 3 layers at once.  Glue this to the end of the other tube.

Take a pencil and begin to roll these little strips outwards like this.

turkey leg thanksgiving craft, #diy, #kidscraft, #turkey, #turkeyleg, #kidscraft, #thriftycraftidea, #popcorn, #paperbag, #snack

Stick the other end of your “bone” into the paper bag.  You can now use a small amount of glue to seal it.  I did it holding the bag upside down and gluing as close to the edge as I could to keep the food and the glue from touching.  I don’t know if it matters with hot glue, but I didn’t want to take any chances.

turkey leg thanksgiving craft, #diy, #kidscraft, #turkey, #thanksgiving, #craft, #snack, #popcorn, #paperbag, #thriftycraftideas, #holidaycrafts

Hold it there and let it dry for a minute.  That is it!  You are done!

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turkey cookies, easy thanksgiving snack, #turkey, #turkeytreats, #thanksgivingtreats, #easytreats, #cookies, #pretzels, #thanksgiving


Turkey Cookies~Easy Thanksgiving Snacks

Looking for a treat for your child’s school class for Thanksgiving?  Or maybe you just want to try something fun at home for a treat.  These little turkeys are so easy and cute, you almost don’t want to eat them… almost.

What you will need:

Oreo cookies

Mini pretzels

Fruit roll up (yellow and red)

Chocolate candy coating

Wax paper

Candy eyes (check on the cake decorating aisle of your local Walmart or craft store)\

Begin by melting your chocolate in a dish that you can reach into to dip your pretzels and cookies.  Have a handful of whole pretzels close.  When your chocolate is melted,  coat the pretzels well, using a fork to scoop them up.  Before you put the pretzel on the wax paper to dry, give it a couple of bumps against the bowl to knock off extra chocolate back into your bowl.  Lay your pretzels in groups of four like this:

turkey cookies, easy thanksgiving snack, #turkey, #thanksgivingtreats, #thanksgiving, #cookies, #pretzels, #turkeytreats,

Sorry about the awful picture, my kitchen lighting is terrible at night!  While you let your pretzels begin to harden, dip your Oreo cookies one at a time in the chocolate.  Make sure to knock the fork against the bowl a few times again to knock the extra chocolate off.  Place the Oreo on top of your group of pretzels.

turkey cookies, easy thanksgiving snack, #turkey, #thanksgivingtreats, #thanksgiving, #cookies, #turkeytreats, #pretzels

Before it hardens, place 2 candy eyes, a triangle cut from fruit roll up and a piece of red fruit roll up to resemble the waddle.  Once the turkey hardens, these will be attached well.  Candy corn would also make a super cute beak, but I couldn’t find any the day I went to the store. 🙁

Let them sit for a while to harden.  They will be well stuck together.  Put on a plate as an easy gift for a neighbor, add them to your Thanksgiving table, or just serve them to your family as a cute dessert!  I guarantee everyone will love how adorable and creative these little turkeys are!

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Turkey candy holder, #turkey, #thanksgiving, #fall, #thanksgivingcraft, #craft, #turkeycraft, #fallcraft, #diy, #thanksgivingcenterpiece


Turkey Candy Holder~Thanksgiving Decoration

This adorable, little turkey is just the right size to fill up with some candy and give as a gift, or use it as a Thanksgiving decoration in your own home or workplace.

Turkeys aren’t normally the cutest animal alive, but this one sure is a cutie!

You will need:

A small Terracotta pot

Scrapbook paper scraps

Googly eyes

Yellow or orange ribbon or scrapbook paper for feet

Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks

Candy to fill the pot

Begin by cutting a 2 inch circle out of brown card stock or construction paper.  Glue to the front of your pot.  Add the googly eyes.  Cut a small, orange triangle out and glue it on for the beak.  For the wattle (I think that is what that little red thing is called by his beak) I just cut a shape that resembled a letter p.  I just eye balled it and it is far from perfect, but looked cute to me!

Once I had my little turkey’s face done, I began on his feathers.  I grabbed a few scraps of fall colored paper.  These don’t need to be big at all, maybe 4 inches in length (depending on how tall you want your feathers) and 2-3 inches in width.  I drew myself a pattern to use and traced on the back of each piece of paper so that the pen marks wouldn’t show.  Hot glue those in to place.  You might want to hold them on and see which way you like them first.  Once you glue them on, getting them off isn’t pretty!

The pot seemed rather bare to me on the bottom.  I chose to add feet out of dark yellow ribbon I had on hand.  Cut 4 small strips. For this size pot I made mine about an inch long.  Hot glue them on where you want them.

Fill your turkey with candy, nuts, whatever treat sounds good to you!

Turkey candy holder, #turkey, #thanksgiving, #fall, #thanksgivingcrafts, #craft, #diy, #easycraft, #turkeycraft, #thanksgivingcenterpiece, #thanksgivingdecoration

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