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Groundhog Day Pudding Cup Snacks

Groundhog day is February 2nd, which will be here before you know it!  I don’t know about you, but I am really hoping we don’t end up with that extra six weeks of winter he always predicts this year!   Groundhog day falls on a Sunday this year, so wouldn’t these cute little pudding cups be perfect for a Sunday night dessert?

What you will need:

Instant chocolate pudding

Milk (to mix the pudding)

plastic cups (the ones I used were 20 oz)

Nutter butter cookies

Mini chocolate chips

Chocolate graham crackers

Icing (to stick on the chocolate chips)

groundhog day pudding cups,#groundhog, #groundhogday, #nutterbutter, #holidaytreats,#pudding, #afterschoolsnacks, #thriftysnacks

Begin by preparing your pudding so it can set.  I used a large box and got 5 cups 2/3 full out of it.  Let that set in the fridge.

Crush some chocolate graham crackers in a baggie so they are finely crushed.  Set aside.

With your icing (I bought a tiny tube of white for this but somehow it didn’t make it home with me so I had to use what I had on hand which was red.) put 2 small dots on top of the nutter butter for the ears and 2 on the front for the eyes.  Place a mini chocolate chip on each of those spots.

groundhog day pudding cups, #nutterbutter,#groundhogday, #holidaytreats,#pudding, #afterschoolsnacks, #groundhog, #thriftysnacks

Now your pudding should be set up.  Scoop it into your clear cups.  Leave room at the top for the “dirt” (or graham cracker crumbs).  If you drip any or get it on the side, just wipe it up with a napkin to make it look nice.  Now sprinkle with a good helping of crackers for your dirt.

groundhog day pudding cups, #groundhogday, , #holidaytreats,#pudding, #afterschoolsnacks, #groundhog,#nutterbutter #thriftysnacks

Its time to place your groundhog in the ground.  Push him down so just his head is peeking up above the ground.

groundhog day pudding cups, #groundhogday,#pudding, , #holidaytreats, #afterschoolsnacks, #groundhog,#nutterbutter #thriftysnacks

That’s it!  So, did he see his shadow?  I don’t think he had time to at our house before the poor little guy got eaten up!  This was a great dessert for the kids to help make also and was a fun project for all of us!

groundhog day pudding cups, #groundhogday, #nutterbutter, #holidaytreats,#pudding, #afterschoolsnacks, #groundhog, #thriftysnacks

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Our kids spend hours playing like they are digging up fossils. They go on hunts for them in the backyard too. We start by making putting them in the ground and allowing them to harden up. Not in normal dirt although you could do that. But we place them in a large baking pan. We add in a bowl equal parts sand or loose dirt to plaster of paris and mix in the water to a thick slurry. And push the dinosaurs down into the dirt in various positions. Then set it out to let it harden for a day or two. And then set the pan outside or on the table with a table cloth under it, and let the kids being exploring.  You can even have them try and dig it out so that they can match it to photos of the dinosaurs in their favorite book.

This activity is perfect for all kids, not only the ones who love dinosaurs but all of them because they can explore and search.  It challenges them and is like opening a new gift every time.

Now you could get a premade kit. And that is how we started in the beginning. The tools come with it and the dinosaur is pre-buried. And then you can use the same dirt and wet it with some more plaster of paris if you’d like.

For much younger kids like three and four sometimes just loose dirt is best for their little hands.

Then after they are all done playing with it, you can remake the dirt and re-bury the dinosaurs again for the next time they want to explore.

smithsonian excavation fossil digSmithsonian Diggin’ Up Dinosaurs T-Rex

  • Dig up a plastic skeleton of a t-ren
  • Waiting to be unearthed
  • Assemble the bones
  • Into a cool t-rex
  • Detailed instructions

plastic dinosaurAssorted Dinosaur Fossil Skeleton 5-6″ Figures, 12-Piece

Right now these are as low as $5.80 for the set of 12

Hurry prices can change without notice

Set of Dinosaur Skeletons includes twelve different 3 dimensional figures that stand up to 4-3/4 Inch tall or 6 Inch long. They’re made from flexible plastic and can stand up on their own. Great fun indoors or out. You can even have a prehistoric dig and bury these “fossil like” figures and dig them back up, wash them off and play some more – great fun.

  • 6″ – 7″ Long
  • Fossil Skeleton
  • Assorted Dinosaurs
  • Fun to the bone!
  • Size: From 4-3/4″ tall up to 6 Inch long
  • Great party favors
  • Fun items for pretend play


metal fossil dig toolsSE DD312 12-Piece Stainless Steel Carvers Set

These are so much fun for the older kids. They get to pretend like they are actually using real tools on real bones as they pick the dirt out of the skeletons.

  • Durable & long-lasting stainless steel construction
  • Double-sided for a variety of shapes & uses
  • Great for carving, shaping, modeling, cutting & scraping


plaster of paris
Dap Plaster of Paris Box Molding Material, 4.4-Pound, White

  • Great for plaster repairs; hobby molds; and casts
  • Sets in 20-30 minutes
  • Can be painted with any oil or latex-based paint

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Valentine note with a hidden message, fun craft idea for kids. All you need is a white crayon and some water colors

My girls love doing craft projects and writing notes. This week they made HIDDEN MESSAGE HEARTS, using the crayon resist trick.   Such a simple project but it kept them totally entertained for a few hours.

To make your own, you will need:

Valentine note with a hidden message, fun craft idea for kids


Cut hearts out of white paper.  Use a WHITE color crayon to write a hidden message.
Valentine note with a hidden message, fun craft idea for kids

To reveal the hidden message use a paint brush to paint water color paint over the top. Where the crayon is will resist the paint and show the hidden message.  Simple as that you have a FUN project for your kids to do.
Valentine note with a hidden message, fun craft idea for kids

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new years eve activities for kids, goody bags, #newyearseve, #happynewyear, #newyearwithkids, #kidsactivities, #partyideas, #thriftygifts, #thriftypartyideas, #goodybags

New Years Eve Activities For Kids~ “Goody Bags”

New Years Eve with kids is an experience.  Sometimes that is good, sometimes…not so much.  No matter how tired they are, or how bored they become,  some kids are determined to stay up until midnight when they have the choice.  So why not make it more pleasant for everyone that has to  gets to spend New Years with an over tired child? Don’t get me wrong, it can be fun too! My kids enjoy it for the most part, but they get a little bored at times and having something to look forward to each hour really helps the night go faster for all of us!  This thrifty idea gives them a reason to celebrate each hour, and if you have the right items in your bag, can keep them entertained the rest of the time!

You will need:

Brown lunch bags

A marker (to write on your bags)

Items for the inside of each bag

You could do this for as many hours as you like.  My kids go to bed around 8 on a school night, so I thought that would be a good time to start the surprises.  They aren’t anything big; maybe a treat for the first or second one followed by some small activities.  If you are planning this for multiple children, dollar store party supplies work great.  Here are some ideas I came up with:

coloring books and/or crayons


magazine or book


yo yo


card game (go fish, crazy eights, uno)

play makeup/ hair supplies

etch a sketch or magnadoodle

craft supplies


Silly string

nail polish and nail stickers

Lego set

recipe for a favorite treat you could then make together in the kitchen

have them fill out a printable about who they are and what they want to be in the next year (great for older kids)

DVD or video game (Redbox rental would be great)

homemade photo booth props and then have your own mini photo shoot

new years eve activities for kids, goody bags, #newyearseve, #newyearwithkids, #kidsactivities, #happynewyear,#partyideas, #thriftygifts, #thriftypartyideas, #goodybags

The possibilities are endless depending on how much you want to spend and what your kids like to do! You don’t have to spend a lot of money,  can even be things from around your home that you already have.  I promise that this will help everyone from getting bored and keep your sanity so you can enjoy making memories as you introduce your little ones to the joy of New Years Eve.  Now, if we could just find something to put in the bag to guarantee they will sleep in the next day!

new years eve activities for kids, goody bags, #newyearwithkids,#newyearseve, #kidsactivities, #happynewyear,#partyideas, #thriftygifts, #thriftypartyideas, #goodybags

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