I hate to run…. but this was worth it #5K

It seems like running is the new  "Thing To Do".... don't  believe me? Take a look at your facebook page scroll down a bit...

Teaching my kids to can ~ Mommy Moments

Growing up we canned EVERY YEAR.  We canned just about everything you could think of, hundred of jars of fruit and vegetables were preserved...

How old do you have to be…. to play in a ball pit?

SO THIS JUST HAPPENED.... (and this is why our hot tub is filled with BALLS not water). I heard Madilyn cry, went to her...

TV is awesome for babies #Tip #MommyMoments

My 7 year old LOVES her baby sister.  She totes her around the house like a baby doll.  She was being fussy yesterday, then...

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