I am Guilty of hiding band-aids in strange places in my home ~ Be honest do you have a stash too?

banddaidRandom fact … I am GUILTY of hiding band-aids in strange places in my home … I always have more “just in case”.  Because when I REALLY need a band-aid the box is always empty thanks to my children and their attempts to save the world like Dr. Quinn medicine woman.

WHY you ask, because I have 5 small children. If the package of band-aid is just put on the shelf somehow my children are drawn to it like bees to honey or flies to food.  That freaky little box of band-aids calls out to my children and in NO TIME flat all 25 band-aids have been  unwrapped (wrapper tossed on the floor for the magic maid fairy aka MOM to pick up later) and used for the most tragic traumas you have ever seen.   Here are a few examples of traumas and life saving support  these band-aids have offered my children in the past…

1. Promptly put on a 3 week old wound were there once was a scab, that has now fallen off and all that remains is healed skin.

2. All over the wall, in a random pattern … some even over lapping.  Maybe this is modern art and I am just to old school to see its divine potential?

3. On little brothers “Butt Crack” since he broke his bum.

4. All over the TV, because scrapping sticky things off electronics just makes Mom SO happy… not.

5.  In a path on the floor, and they stick like you would not believe.  Left there so I can follow it like bear tracks right to the guilty party.  When I follow the trial it somehow always leads me right to my kids.  When I ask them WHO used all the band-aids they all look at me and say “NOT ME”.  Yet they are polka-dotted with them…. how then, did that band-aid end up right in the middle of their forehead?   ( I told you these band-aids are freaky little things and can not be trusted…lol).

So that my friends is why I Hoard/ Hide band-aids in random weird places in my home.  So do not be shocked if you put on a stocking hat in the middle of summer only to find a box of band-aids inside, or open up my printer and find Mrs. Piggy and Kermit the Frog hanging out band-aid style under the lid.

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  2. You have too with kids! If they know where they are. They’ll be used on stuffed animals and baby brothers. Lol

  3. my son loved band-aids. always put them on everything. i had one box
    just for him in his room. then i put one in the linden closet. plus i
    would hide one in my sock drawer. he loved them so much. he didnt even
    care to have the cuitie ones either he just loved them. he still does
    and he is 23 now. i loved this post because it made me smile remembering
    my son when he was little.  i think mary got the wrong blog.
    this site is about couponing and being a mom, a woman, a wife, the
    captain of the wallet not a soap box of social issues. geez, it was an
    innocent post. i stash: presents,money,candy, good tissues, toys and yes
    even band-aids

  4. I buy cheap dollarStore band aids (100 for a dollar) for the kids and put the ones that really stick on the top shelf for me or for serious owies!

  5. my friend told her kids that the “plain” bandaids were mommys and the spiderman and hello kitty were theirs. seemed to work pretty well. they mostly left the plain ones alone!!!!

  6. My little brother did get into Mom’s “lady” stash once and thought her tampons were firecrackers. LOL!!

  7. Hm…interesting situation. I had 5 littles and not once did they do this to my Band-Aid stash. It might have helped that our first aid kit is kept in the master bathroom and they learned when wee little ones that it’s off limits in there unless they are seriously bleeding. Now, candy, sweet cereal, and delicious noms did have a bad habit of disappearing seemingly overnight, and no one wanting to eat dinner…LOL
    Hey, if you need to hide the bandages to keep them on hand for their true purpose, then by all means, go for it. Your kids sound quite clever.

  8. You don’t have to apologize to someone without a sense of humor. They can just skip your post and go find the Olde Biddies Club meeting.

  9. I’m sorry, but I’m SHOCKED.  I cannot believe that you would compare your “cute little habit” with a very serious disease.  Using your comparison of hiding band-aids in your home, to that of an alcoholic hiding bottles of alcohol is distasteful, offensive and frankly disturbing.  Please, please use a bit more common sense and COMPASSION when posting things on your blog.  This is very disappointing….

  10. i have to hide them, my 4 year old uses them like stickers -_- gerrrr thank goodnes i stocked up a year ago on free ones

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