Chewy Churro Bars Recipe

Chewy Churro Bars, Soft and crunchy yet sweet and salty. Made in less than 10 minutes, a...

Chewy S’more Bars ~ Crunchy, Gooey, Goodness #Smore #Recipe

I needed to make a treat for a family get together on Sunday.  I was going to just make Rice Krispy Treats, but I...

Strawberry shortcake pie

Strawberry shortcake pie This Strawberry shortcake pie combines the taste of strawberry shortcake into a decadent pie...

Easy Cupcake Ideas – Candy Cane Swirl Frosting

Easy Cupcake Ideas - Candy Cane Swirl Frosting Party invites are sent, and you want something cute on the treat table, but don't have a...

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