Chicken Francase

Chicken Francase Chicken Francase is a delicious chicken dish that tastes amazing thanks to its crispy breading...

Tomatillo ranch dressing

Tomatillo ranch dressing Take a salad from boring to spectacular with this delicious Tomatillo ranch dressing.

Detox smoothie, boost your metabolism

Detox smoothie, boost your metabolism I love a good smoothie. One that works as a Detox smoothie,...

My Favorite Way to eat Green Beans

To be honest as a little girl fresh Green Beans made me gag, they were fuzzy, and just gross.  BUT now that I am...

Roasted carrot fries

Roasted carrot fries Looking for a healthier snack that satisfies your need for a crunchy snack? Try...

Measurement Conversion Chart

Measurement Conversion Chart Hey all, it's Katie. Years ago someone gave me a Measurement Conversion Chart and I've...

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