Salad In A Jar Recipes ~ Easy Healthy Lunch On the Go Ideas

Salad In A Jar Recipes ~ Easy Healthy Lunch On the Go Ideas

I love a good salad. Sure I could go to the store and scoop out my salad and pay by the weight, but a healthy salad in a jar makes for a healthy and cheap lunch on the go!

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As you know, these little salads are great for work, going to the beach, a picnic..etc… Add anything you want to it. I’m sure you realize that no matter how you decide to make your salad in a jar, always add the dressing first (so it stays in the bottom of your jar) and after that either put some grain/seed type of food over it (such as Quinoa or beans) and stack your veggies – then when you’re ready to eat shake the jar!  A Mason Jar works great for this, I like the wide mouth jars best. Make sure you check out our list of over 18 salad ideas below.

So in one of them there’s:

Cherry Tomatoes
Shredded Carrots
Tuna (f you do not like tuna add grilled chicken)
Hard Boiled eggs
Spring Lettuce
If you find the jar is hard to eat out of, or you need something that is NOT breakable these are some other great options. Same concept for easy meal prep with healthy ingredients to make a salad on the go.

More Jar Options

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Ramini Brands Fresh Salad To Go Serving Cup – Bonus Recipes – Salad Shaker With Dressing Container Fork – Set of Two

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