Spitball Shoot Out ~ Fun Low Cost Games for Kids And Adults (Family Reunion Ideas)

Spitball Shoot Out Target Game, Scout pack meeting games, low cost and easy games for a family reunion or group party, ward party ideasSpitball Shoot Out ~ Fun Low Cost Games for Kids And Adults

A big group of kids or adults is getting together… and you need something to keep them busy. BUT you don’t have much of a budget. This seems to be the story of my life.  I was in charge of my family reunion this year, we had about 45 people and zero budget. That is when my “thrifty” skills kicked in and I had to get creative.  We ended up having a great time, laughed till our sides hurt and enjoyed being together. Here are a few of the activities we did together.

We did these at a family reunion, but they would also be great for group picnics, scout pack meetings or church parties.  When I think of spitballs I think of the gross boys on my school bus who use to shoot them at me, or my  brothers who would have spitball wars with their friends. I never understood why they were fun, but I know they sure enjoyed them.  So it was fun to see that 20+ years later  my brothers still have talent in shooting spitballs. The funny thing was most my nieces and nephews had NO IDEA what a spit ball even was. We had to teach them how to chew on the paper,  and make it the perfect size to fit into the straw.

To play this game you will need, Smoothie Straws basically just large straws, makes it easier to get the spitball into.  Colored construction paper, color for each team that is playing that way you can count the colored spitballs on the target at the end of the game.  White foam board  use a sharpie marker to draw a target in the middle of the board.

Be sure and check back later this week as I share more low cost game ideas.

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