Cute Bat Banner, Thrifty Halloween Decorations #Halloween #LowCost

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Cute Bat Banner, Thrifty Halloween Decorations

I am not a huge fan of the “traditional” Halloween.  The creepy, scary part was never fun to me.  However, give me a cute or goofy looking monster or bat, and I am a sucker!  Sometimes it is hard to find things at the store that focus on the cute side of the holiday.  That is why I tend to make my own!

You will need

  • black card stock bats
  • ( I used my silhouette to cut mine.  They are about 5 inches long by 2 inches tall.  If you don’t have a machine or software to create yours, download a coloring sheet file of them and create your own.  Just print them out as an outline, or print one outline out, trace it onto your black card stock and cut them out that way.)
  • googly eyes
  • bakers twine, yarn or twine
  • tape
  • glue

cute bat banner, #Halloweendecorations, #Halloween, #cutehalloweendecorations. #bats, #black, #bakerstwine, #crafts, #googlyeyes, #thriftycrafts, #thriftyHalloweendecorations, #thriftyHalloweendecor

Begin by cutting out your bats.  I did 6 of them and they all fit on one sheet of black card stock.  Next, glue your googly eyes to the bat.  I was able to use a glue stick just fine.  You can find self sticking googly eyes if you would rather.

cute bat banner, #Halloweendecorations, #Halloween, #cutehalloweendecorations. #bats, #black, #bakerstwine, #googlyeyes, #thriftycrafts, #crafts, #thriftyHalloweendecorations, #thriftyHalloweendecor

Once you have them glued on, you can begin to tape the bakers twine to the back of your bat shapes. I left a little space between each bat.  I didn’t measure, but it was close to 2 inches.  Leave a little room at the end of each side so that you have a way to attach your banner.  If hanging using thumb tacks, tie a small knot in each end.

That is it!  Now you are ready to hang your string of bats anywhere you would like.  Make them smaller, and hang inside a wreath.  Make them larger and string them across your garage door.  I am hanging mine across my china hutch and they fit perfectly.

These are a great, quick, thrifty Halloween decoration and would also be great for a party.  Get the kids involved and let them help create some cute bats too!  What a great family craft on a cool, rainy fall day!

cute bat banner, #Halloweendecorations, #Halloween, #cutehalloweendecorations. #bats, #black, #bakerstwine, #googlyeyes, #crafts, #thriftycrafts, #thriftyHalloweendecorations, #thriftyHalloweendecor

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