Witch Hat Cookies~ Easy Halloween Treats #Halloween, #Recipes

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Witch Hat Cookies~ Easy Halloween Treats #Halloween, #Recipes

Witch hat cookies, #Halloween, #cookies, #kisses, #easy

 Witch Hat Cookies~ Easy Halloween Treats

Here is a cute, easy treat to give to your neighbor, take to your child’s Halloween party at school, or bring to a potluck.  They just take a few minutes to put together.

What you will need:

fudge shortbread cookies

Hershey kisses

Orange icing

Unwrap your Hershey kisses and set aside.  With your orange frosting, put a small dot in the middle of the fudge side of the cookie like this:

Witch hat cookies, #witchhat, #cookie, #Halloween, #food

Now gently press the Hershey kiss onto the icing.  It will ooze out a little bit.  This dollop of icing looks a lot bigger then it is, you really don’t need much.

Put on a cute Halloween plate and give to a friend!

Witch hat cookies, #halloween, #witchhat, #cookies, #easy, #Halloweenfood, #hat, #witch

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