Pretzel Skeletons, Halloween Snack ~ #HalloweenTreats #DIY

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by Tami

These little  pretzel skeletons are so cute, you may not want to eat them!  Using candy coating and pretzels, you can make these fun, Halloween goodies perfect for your little goblins!

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Pretzel Skeletons, Halloween Snack

pretzel skeletons, halloween snack, #Halloween, #halloweensnack,#Halloweengoodies,#halloweenparty, #thriftyhalloweensnacks, #pretzels, #thriftysnackideas, #candycoating, #halloweencandy, #falltreatideas, #halloweentreats

You will need to make  pretzel skeletons

Pretzels Sticks and mini twists

Almond bark

M&Ms for the eyes

Wax paper for setting up

Begin by melting your almond bark in the microwave for 90 seconds.  I did half a brick at a time.  If it isn’t melted, put it back in for another 20 seconds, taking it out to stir.  Continue those steps until it is melted all the way without chunks.

Once you have the candy coating melted, begin to put your pretzels in.  I started with a twist for the head.  Once it was coated, I fished it out of the candy coating with a fork.  I then allowed the excess candy coating to drip back into my bowl, and set the pretzel on the wax paper.  My pattern was 1 twist pretzel followed by 5 stick pretzels all horizontal under the twist to form the ribs.  Once the ribs are done, do another twist pretzel, but this time do it upside down.  Finally, you will be doing 4 more sticks and laying them for the legs and arms.  If you are using M&Ms for the eyes, now is when you will put them on too.  Continue doing this until all of your candy coating is gone.  I got 12 skeletons out of half a brick of candy coating.  When they were done setting up on the wax paper I used a thin, metal spatula to scoop them off the wax paper.  The skeletons will be fairly brittle in some places, mostly where the head and ribs connect.  Be sure to set them in an airtight container where they won’t be shaken around a lot to avoid them breaking before you are ready to use them.

Now you have a great, inexpensive snack for your kids, a Halloween party, maybe even a school party if you are going to take them yourself.  Not sure how they would hold up in the care of a rambunctious grade schooler! But pretty sure they would enjoy eating their lil pretzel skeletons.

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